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 How Do I Know if I'm getting a Quality ESD Tile?

 ESD Tile Shrinkage, Pitting and Brittleness

How do I Know if I'm getting a QUALITY ESD Tile? It's easy - test it by folding the tile in two. If it snaps, consider another tile. Why? Excessive fillers and plasticizers will make tiles brittle and may compromise the electrical conductivity that is required for an ESD tile to dissipate a static charge. In Fact, MANY popular ESD tiles use insulative limestone as their major ingredient. That's right, some up to 90% limestone! ESD Tiles that use excessive fillers often require an ESD Floor finish to meet the latest standards. Poor tile composition may lead to a mere 5 year warranty on wear. They may easily break under heavy loads, and often shrink and pit over a period of time. Plus, ESD floor finish is difficult to maintain and will provide inconsistent electrical conductivity. Why? ESD floor finish is dependent on the ambient humidity in the air for its conductivity. So, if an ESD floor finish is REQUIRED it's BUYER BEWARE.

NOT SO with ESD Tiles from United SCP!

ALL of Our Tile Selections have been preselected to handle the bend and break test while providing outstanding value, longevity, and esthetics. They don't require ESD floor finish, will never snap or break, and have a LIFETIME warranty on wear AND the electrical conductivity that gives them superior static control properties. They are micro edged for a near seamless appearance and handle compressive loads that make other tiles fail miserably.


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 What causes an ESD tile to shrink?

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