United Static Control Products Inc


24 Hour Emergency Support Number: 719 676 3928 (option 8)

Conductive, releasable /  permanent liquid ESD flooring adhesive,


NFPA Rating: H = 1;  R = 0


Section 1: Product Identification

Product Name (s):C-2000, C2K4, Compu Release, Adhere MC

Chemical Family: Water Based Adhesive.

Distributor/ Specifier / Address: United Static Control Products Incorporated, 4878 Lakeview Cir, Colorado City, CO


Section 2. Hazardous Ingredients and Exposure Limits

Chemical Name     CAS Number   %by weight     ACGIH TLV     OSHA PEL



Section 3. Hazards Identification

Primary routes of entry: Eyes

Medical conditions aggravated by exposure:  None known

Potential health effects:

     Eye contact:  May cause slight irritation.

     Skin contact: No known effect.

     Ingestion: Not likely to occur

     Inhalation: No effect known

Chronic: None Known

Carcinogenicity: This product contains no ingredients listed as a carcinogen by IARC, NTP or OSHA


Section 4. First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: Flush with water for 15 minutes.  Contact a physician if irritation occurs.

Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water.

Ingestion: Induce vomiting, contact a physician.


Section 5. Fire Fighting Measures

Flash point: (o)None

Lower Flammable Limit: None

Upper Flammable Limit: None

Fire-Fighting Instructions: Use protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus.

Extinguishing Media: Water fog, CO2, dry chemical and chemical foam.

Decomposition Products: Dried material may produce CO, CO2, H2O, NXO, and other hydrocarbons.  See Section II.


Section 6. Accidental Release Measures

Steps to be taken if material is released or spilled: Dispense sand, sawdust or vermiculite. Collect and place in waste container.  Wash area thoroughly with water.


Section 7. Handling and Storage

Handling: Use good hygienic practices.  Wash hands before eating, using washroom or smoking.  Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage: Store above 40o F.


Section 8. Exposure Control / Personal Protection

Personal Protective Equipment:

     Eye Face Protection: Wear splash goggles if contact with material is likely.

     Skin Protection: Wear gloves and goggles if contact with material is likely.

     Respiratory Protection: Not normally required with good ventilation.

Engineering  Controls: Normal room ventilation.



Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Boiling Point (oF): 212

Specific Gravity (water=1): 1.1

Vapor Pressure: Same as water

Vapor Density (air=1): Same as water.

% Volatile by weight: 43

pH: 8.2

Appearance and odor: Gray paste with little or no odor and with black and brown colored fibers.

Grams VOC / Liter of coating: 0 (based on no solvent).

Grams VOC / Liter of material: 0 (based on no solvent).



Section 10. Stability and Reactivity

Chemical Stability: Stable.

Polymerization: Will not occur.

Conditions to avoid: None known.

Hazardous Decomposition of Product: None


Section 11. Toxicological Information

This product has been tested for toxicity (acute inhalation; acute dermal; skin irritation; oral) and has been found to be non-toxic as defined by the Federal Hazardous Substance Act, 16 CFR 1500.3.


Section 12. Ecological Information

No information available


Section 13:  Disposal Considerations

Disposed of in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations


Section 14: Transport Information

For domestic transportation purposes this product is NOT designated as a hazardous material by the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Section 15. Regulatory Information

TSCA: All ingredients are listed.


     Section 311 and 312 Health and Physical Hazards:\


Immediate     Delayed     Fire     Pressure     Reactivity

     [X]                  [  ]            [  ]             [  ]                 [  ]


Section 16. Other Information

HIMIS Ratings:     Health = 1                 Flammability = 1

                              Reactivity = 0           Personal Protective Equipment = B

     Hazard rating scale: 0 = Minimal    1 = Slight     2 = Moderate     3 = Serious     4 = Severe


This product is not Photochemically Reactive as defined by California Rule 102


 United SCP believes the statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are reliable.  They are given without warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied.


Date Issued: May 27, 2007                                           Prepared by: S Cooper