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Exceptional ESD Floor Care Products!

Static Control Wax, Cleaners, ESD Wax Removers and Polish


Your ESD floor works hard and deserves the best, after all the esthetics, conductivity and cleanliness of your floor is a direct reflection of your attention to manufacturing detail. United SCP manufactures a full range of static control floor care chemicals providing exceptional results even in the most demanding of environments.  Designed to meet the requirements of true floor care professionals while working in combination with your existing floor's conductivity, these solutions offer the flexibility, performance and value your floor deserves. Hey, you DEPEND on your static control floor! All it needs is a little TLC from time to time. Be nice! Follow the United SCP floor maintenance procedure, give it the Care and Feeding it needs and let it get LUCKY for a change;)


THE most popular floor maintenance solutions in the Industry! Perfect for all types of ESD Flooring. Just follow these steps and achieve Outstanding Results Every Time!

Step 1:  Strip off the crud and old floor finish with ElectraStrip!

1 Gallon: $24.99   Case: $98.03*

5 Gallon Pail: Only $121.29*



Step 2: Restore the antistatic finish with 2 to 5 coats of  ElectraGlaze!

1 Gallon: $43.88   Case: $175.46*

5 Gallon Pail: Only $218.08*



Step 3: High speed polish to a lustrous high shine with ElectraShine!

1 Gallon: $29.88   Case: $1919.46*

5 Gallon Pail: Only $148.07*


Step 4: Maintain by damp mopping when needed with ElectraClean!

1 Gallon: $29.99   Case: $110.03*

5 Gallon Pail: Only $136.29*

* Substantial discounts on 3+ units!


ElectraStrip ESD Wax Stripper

 Removes all types of ESD Floor Finish!

ElectraStrip rapidly dissolves multiple layers of ESD floor finish, allowing in some applications for removal without the use of floor machines or stripping pads. Formulated almost completely from top quality water miscible solvents, Routine stripping of three to five layers of ESD finish may be accomplished with nothing more than a mop and wet vacuum. Typical Coverage / Dilution: 1 gallon of ElectraStrip mixed with 8 gallons of water, typical coverage 250 SF per gallon of diluted product. Click here for more information.     MSDS SHEET

1 gallon: PN; E-Strip 1, $24.99, 10 lbs BUY NOW

1 case (4 x 1 gal) E-Strip 4, $98.03 ea*, 40 lbs, BUY NOW

5 gallon pail: E-Strip 5, $121.29 ea*, 48 lbs, BUY NOW

*Substantial discounts on 3+ units!

ElectraShine Floor Spray Buff

Ultimate Shine / Enhances Static Control!


ElectraShine: Equals ULTIMATE shine, diamond like luster and an outstanding mirror like finish! No wonder E-Shine is the leader of the pack with floor care professionals seeking the utmost in gloss and floor finish durability.  ElectraShine eliminates nuisance static from standard floor finish and enhances the conductivity of all antistatic wax. It's easy to apply and ideal for use with either propane or electric high speed polishing equipment (1200 rpm or higher). Typically non diluted and either mopped on and buffed over or applied as a light spray in front of the polishing equipment. Typical coverage: 2,000 to 4,000 SF per gallon. Click here for more information.     MSDS SHEET (pdf download)


1 gallon: E-Shine 1, $29.88, 10 lbs, BUY NOW

1 case (4 x 1 gal), E-Shine 4, $119.46 ea*, 40 lbs, BUY NOW

5 gallon pail: E-Shine 5, $148.07 ea*, 50 lbs, BUY NOW

*Substantial discounts on 3+ units!

ElectraClean ESD Floor Cleaner

 Anti Static / Non insulative / Cost Effective


ElectraClean: A gentle yet effective cleaner specifically formulated for use on any type of ESD flooring or Coatings.  ElectraClean works GREAT on ESD epoxy, vinyl, esd waxes and paints. Regular cleaners and detergent compounds leave harmful insulative residues reducing the static-control properties of your highly specialized flooring, Not SO with ElectraClean! ElectraClean works great in both power scrub AND mop on applications, removing dirt and soil while maintaining or increasing the conductivity of your critical esd flooring substrate. Typical dilution 8-16 ounces per gallon of water. Up to 16,000 sf of cleaning power per concentrated gallon. Click here for more information     MSDS SHEET


1 gallon: E-Clean 1, $29.99, 10 lbs, BUY NOW  

1 case (4 x 1 gal) E-Clean 4, $110.03 ea*, 40 lbs, BUY NOW 

5 gallon pail: E-Clean 5, $136.29 ea*, 48 lbs, BUY NOW

*Substantial discounts on 3+ units!

ElectraGlaze ESD Floor Wax

 Anti Static / Compatible with all ESD Floors!

ElectraGlaze ESD Floor finish is an exceptional, long lasting  high conductivity acrylic floor finish formulated for use on esd solid vinyl flooring (up to 2 thin coats), esd epoxy (2 thin coats) and standard solid vinyl flooring substrates (up to 4 coats).  It is a high gloss, slip resistant and environmentally friendly. ElectraGlaze is easily cleaned with ElectraClean neutral cleaner without loss of gloss or reduction of it's superb static control properties.  Typical coverage:1,500 to 2000 sf per gallon per coat. Click here for more information.     MSDS SHEET

1 gallon: E-Glaze 1, $40.99 10 lbs, BUY NOW

1 case (4 x 1 gal) E-Glaze 4, $159.99 ea, 40 lbs, BUY NOW

5 gallon pail: E-Glaze 5, $198.99 ea, 50 lbs, BUY NOW


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