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ESD Flooring for Automated Guided Vehicles

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ESD Floor for Robotics

Automated Guided Vehicles and other rolling robotics rely on a vast array of ESD sensitive electronics to perform their complicated functions. As they roll on standard (non ESD) flooring the contact and separation of the wheels on the electrically insulative floor may generate intense amounts of static. With no place to discharge, the uncontrolled release of energy to an item of lower static voltage (a person for example) is fast, powerful and inevitable. These discharges manifest themselves by compromising controllers, sensitive micro circuitry and even the navigational frequencies used to perform vehicle guidance. Coating standard tiles (in this case VAT - vinyl asbestos tiles) where the bots will operate (as we have done here) with  ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy reduces these charges to relatively insignificant levels. For added security equip the steel framework of the vehicles with a drag strap or chain that contacts the conductive flooring thus allowing residual charges go around the wheels and ground out through said floor. In addition, should the housing of rolling robotics be a nonconductor consider coating it with a static dissipative spray. This combination has proven to eliminate static discharge "events" thus protecting the investments and insuring reliability. 

United = Nation Wide Professional Installation, Testing and Certification of ESD Flooring.

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