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ElectraGuard Light Gray Epoxy ESD Flooring

ESD Flooring for Compliance to the Latest Standards.

When you think ESD Flooring THINK United for Installations!

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 ElectraGuard ESD Table Top

ElectraGuard Light Gray ElectraGuard used to cover a concrete table buried 60 feet deep into the granite bedrock beneath! 

White Diamond Light Gray ESD Epoxy Flooring

ElectraGuard White Diamond is a LEGEND in ESD Flooring and our most popular color. This is our most consistent color so expansions and additions are flawless. White Diamond has the same permanent static control properties, wear  resistance and VALUE as our other colors and it NEVER fails ESD Audits! Well lit facilities make the product look nearly white but it's toned down just enough to not be hard on the eyes. Pair it with a PROFESSIONAL installation from United SCP and get the value, quality and reliability we are known for!  

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