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Glue Down Tiles: 24" X 24" (60 square feet per carton)

Glue Down Sheet Vinyl: 4' 6" X 66' long (297 square feet per roll)


Note: All ESD tile must be shipped and stored FLAT to avoid damaging the tiles.


flash coved esd cleanroom flooring, installation site Silicon Valley California


ESD Sheet Flooring Install in  CA. Installation by United Static Control Products. more photos


PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Titanium features a case hardened top wear surface, is slip resistant, extremely easy to maintain and features ULTIMATE Static Control Properties that easily conform to the latest most stringent standards for static control.


Titanium is a pure vinyl devoid of cheap clay fillers and binders making it truly resilient and flexible (not brittle like many esd flooring materials). Hence, Titanium may be flash coved up walls and handles heavy loading without breaking or delaminating.


Titanium features a Full Surface Static Conductive Backing allowing sheet floor  installations over existing epoxy, VCT, limited porosity concrete, painted surfaces, sealed concrete and more using the URAS Adhesive Peel & Stick Method. Titanium sheet vinyl may also be installed in a permanent fashion using our UZIN KE 2000 SL (a white, high strength conductive liquid adhesive).

Surface Resistivity Point to Point per ESD S 7.1


Electrical Resistance to Ground per ESD S 7.1


Electrical Resistance per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021, 97.1


Tribo Charging Characteristics per ESD 97.2

< 10 Volts (<100 volts is passing)

Flooring Radiant Panel: NFPA 253: Critical Radiant Flux

0.73 W/cm2, Class 1

Flooring Radiant Panel: NBSIR 75-950: Critical Radiant Flux

Pass, Class 1

Flooring Radiant Panel: ASTM-648: Critical Radiant Flux

0.73 W/cm2, Class 1

Smoke Density, ASTM E-662; NFPA 258; Average optical density in burning / smoldering mode


Residual Indentation LF-475A

0.002 average

Abrasive Wear, Tabor H-18 wheel, 5,000 cycles, 1,000 gm weight

1.1% loss of weight

Abrasive Wear, Tabor H-18 wheel, 1,000 gm weight to wear layer penetration (end point)

>20,000 cycles, <2.0% loss of weight

Static coefficient of friction, ASTM D-2047-03, James Test average wet, dry leather

.60 approx.

Static load limit DIN 16961.2

>1,000 PSI

Charge decay time per FTMS 4046-101c

< .17 seconds

Roll Size and Weight

Size" 4' 6" x 66' x 2 mm (.080") thick (297 sf  per roll). Weight per Roll: Approximately 268 pounds. Rolls that will fit on a pallet: 3 each.

Size, Weight and Carton Quantity


Glue Down Tiles: 2' x 2' x .080 thick.

Availability: 15 tiles to a carton (60 sf / pc).

Per carton weight: 50 pounds.

Cartons that will fit on one pallet: 25 each.

Welding Rod for sheet vinyl: 0.167 (4.2 mm) thick - 330 Linear feet per spool

ElectraFloor Titanium Series meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Specifications LF-475a and SST-312b for flexibility, dimensional stability, resistance to reagents and residual indentation.


ElectraFloor Titanium Series ESD Flooring Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 Product Qualification and Compliance Verification




Part Numbers: Ti481, Ti482, Ti483. Ti480

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Approved: SRC


A 207-14a


Updated 4/14/22



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