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Mission Critical Conductive Floor Paint

ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Floor Paint is resistant to a variety of industrial chemicals that are used in the manufacturing environment.  Test methods and environmental factors are an important consideration when evaluating ElectraGuard for use with specific chemicals and long term exposure. Your results may vary.  Pretest to your specific needs prior to use. Note: The following testing was performed on ElectraGuard without topical coats of ElectraThane and ElectraGlaze sealers.

Chemical Resistance, 15 Minutes Open Environment

Sulfuric Acid (25%), no effect

Sulfuric Acid (75%), Slight Surface attack

Nitric Acid (50%), Slight Surface Attack

Nitric Acid (5%), Slight Surface attack

Hydrochloric Acid (5%), slight dulling

Acetic Acid (Conc.), no effect

Acetic Acid (5%), no effect

Sodium Hydroxide (50%), no effect

Ammonium Hydroxide (28%), no effect

Methyl Alcohol, no effect

Ethyl Alcohol, no effect

Cresol, slight surface attack

Gasoline, Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, no effect

Chloroform, no effect

Trichloroethylene, no effect

Acetone, slight softening, no color change

Methyl Ethyl Ketone, softening and discoloration

Amyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, no effect

Silver Nitrate (40%), slight brown stain

Ethyl Ether, no effect

Formaldehyde (40%), no effect

Iodine, Yellow Stain

Phenol, slight surface attack

Benzene, no effect

Xylene, no effect

Carbon Tetrachloride, no effect

* 30% hydrogen peroxide, No visible change, * client testing

10:1 HF dip (~5% HF), no visible change, * client testing

* Developer 321 (contains TMAH), no effect, * client testing

Butyl Alcohol, no effect

Chemical Resistance, 30 Minutes Under Watch Glass

Antifreeze - No Effect

Benzyl Alcohol - No Effect

Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid - No Effect

Formic acid - No Effect

Isopropanol (IPA) - Slight Softening, No Color Change

Mineral Spirits - No Effect

Napthol Spirits - No Effect

Octyl Alcohol - No Effect

Oxalic Acid - Slight Dulling

Phosphoric Acid Technical Grade 75% - Very Slight Softening

Sodium Hypochlorite 15% (Bleach) - Slight Dulling

Stearic Acid - No Effect

Sulfuric Acid 25% - No Effect

Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol - No Effect

Toluene - No Effect




Chemical Resistance, 12 hours

Purple PVC Primer - allowed to sit on floor for 12 hours, subsequently cleaned with acetone the next day.

No stain *client tested


PN: EG-1, EG-CASE, EG-5, ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Floor Paint

United Static Control Products Inc

Approved: SRC



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7/22/22: Reviewed for accuracy:

5/13/21: Added PVC primer

05/2014: added testing for MEK