ElectraGlide Hard Surface 

ESD Control Mouse Pad with Indicator

Congratulations! You are a special person AND a valuable part of our Beta Test!


ElectraGlide ESD Mouse Pad Indicator

Optional battery powered unit - please note: The standard indicators do not require a battery and are designed for lifetime maintenance free performance.


If you are visiting this page you've been invited to the beta test of our new mouse pad. We've designed the ElectraGlide ESD Mouse Pad to provide a smooth rolling top surface with what we feel is about the right grab for precision control of your mouse.

The top surface of this unique mouse pad has been coated with a proprietary material that won't attract dust or dirt thus eliminating buildup on the mouse. If this surface it too rough for your needs simply polish the coating with a towel.

We plan on retailing the system at $49 to $59 USD to mostly industrial users such as the FAA, 911 Call Centers, Labs, Electronic Manufacturers and IT professionals.

As an FYI - The ElectraGlide mouse pad totally eliminates static electricity. You'll probably be amazed at how easy it is to generate a static charge - just keep your eye on the indicator.

If you are comfortable with the feel of your old mouse pad simply place it on top of ElectraGlide ESD Mouse Pad. Leave some of the new pad exposed for occasional contact with your wrist and voila - the new pad will drain static electricity prior to injecting it into your computer, server, significant other or your pets.

Please let us know how you like the unit by emailing us (click here) - this will be a huge help!

1) Decide on optimum location.

2) Optional: Peel off adhesive liner and stick pad to desk only if desired. It's designed to not leave a residue but all things are possible!

2) Route cord behind your desk.

3) Attach the red ring terminal from the static monitor to AC electrical ground by slipping the terminal over the third prong of a power cord and plugging the cord into the wall OR by attaching the terminal to the center screw of an AC face plate cover:


Respondents report:

K. C. writes on 04/01/18: I love this thing - I like the feel of the mouse on the pad but why does the indicator stay lit all the time?

Answer: This indicator is sensing voltage leaking thru the insulation of a power supply cord OR  possibly voltage going into your house ground. Example: if you charge your phone on top of the mouse pad the indicator will light as it "feels" the leaking voltage of the power supply. The indicator not only senses static electricity it senses AC and DC Voltage.

This is a living document - check back for revisions