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At UNITED We're all About Static Control in Concert with Value, Quality, Reliability and Expertise!

From anti-static for the Pentagon to ESD Floors for the US Navy in Saudi. Static Control Products for Intel, Google, NASA, Microsoft, Ingram, Tyco, HP, Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop, Flextronics, Dell and Millions More select United SCP for one reason and one reason Only! To Tame the Static Beast Before it Takes another Byte!

United SCP!  Professional Top Shelf ESD flooring installations and World Class Certifications. U.S.A. Canada and Mexico! 

ESD flooring for Electronic Manufacturing

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ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy, Long Lasting static control PROTECTION perfect for Electronic Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Energetics at a cost of about $1.25 per square foot for materials!

Value, Quality, Reliability

Shop where smart buyers have shopped since 1994! Save your esd program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality, service and performance you deserve from a reliable supplier with outstanding products and a proven track record.

New Tech Document: ESD Flooring for 3D Printing and Explosives!

Award Winning Tech Support

Whether your ESD program is just starting out or you're a client that has been around the block OUR team of experts is here to help. Questions on the new 2017 standards? Give us a call. How do I eliminate static from my car seats? Give us a jingle. ESD Flooring Certifications? Call us! Enjoy free 24/7 tech support for all flooring products.


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Tame the Static Beast Before it Takes another Byte!

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April Specials

ESD gel Straps

Silicon Gel ESD Wrist Strap BulletNEW! Gel Style esd wrist strap - THE most comfortable esd wrist strap in the Nation. Includes Ground cord. Quality, compliance and bright colors for easy tracking.$3.49 each!  ESD tile - Buy Online

FM-1126 ESD Field Meter Icon

ESD Field MeterESD Field Meter Wow is this thing ACCURATE!  - Test static voltage, polarity and ionizer balance! Made in the U.S.A, Low Price Guarantee. Now just $499.95 each! ESD tile - Buy Online

Carpet treatment renders standard carpet ESD Compliant!

COMPLIAT ESD Treatment for Standard CarpetMission CRITICAL ESD Carpet Treatment - Last for YEARS! Transforms standard carpet into ESD Compliant Carpet at a fraction of the cost of ESD Carpet Tiles! Made in the U.S.A, about 13 CENTS per Square Foot! ESD tile - Buy Online

HEAVY DUTY Full Size High Output Bench Top Ionizer

Full Size and Powerfull ESD Bench Top IonizerHEAVY DUTY Full Size ESD Bench Top Ionizer - With a power supply TWICE as powerful as our competition! Made in Germany, 2 year warranty, compliance certification papers and FREE Shipping! Now just $349! ESD tile - Buy Online

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