ElectraSoft Anti Static Pads

Advanced Tri-Layer ESD Control


Indestructible AntiStatic  MatOutstanding mechanical shock protection!  

low low static generationDependable - Always Passes ESD Audits!  

Clean Surface with NO carbon SloughingClean! No carbon sloughing

Perfect AntiStatic Mat for Non Critical Packaging AreasPerfect for mission critical static control!  

Excellent electrical performance that falls in the range recommended in the new ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards (mandatory in 2016). Always passes even the most sophisticated esd audits. Wear resistant vinyl top surface, conductive inner scrim bonded to a soft yet durable foam base. ElectraSoft provides the ULTIMATE in mechanical shock protection AND ESD control. An excellent choice when working with hard drives, medical devices, sensitive munitions and sophisticated electronics.

antistatic THICK foam pad

ElectraSoft ESD bench top static mats feature a close cell static dissipative top layer permanently bonded to conductive inner scrim bonded to a soft, cushioning static dissipative closed cell bottom layer. 

Perfect for protecting those mechanically sensitive ESD sensitive components. Fully dependable in audit situations when meeting ANSI ESD S 2020-2007 is a requirements. ElectraSoft isn't dependent on humidity for it's superb electrical decay rates. It's easy to keep clean and designed to provide years worth of dependable mechanical protection in concert with outstanding static control.


THICKNESS: .375 (3/8 of an inch)

COLORS: Sky Blue

AVAILABILITY: Pads, Full Rolls and Custom Cuts


PTP PER ESD 4.1, 2006 >1.0E06 <1.0E09

RTG PER ESD 4.1, 2006: >1.0E06 <1.0E09

TYPICAL PTP @ 20%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: 2.6.E08

TYPICAL RTG @ 20%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: 8.1E07




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