Static Control Concrete Sealer

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NOTE: The following specifications pertain to the product as applied to indoor, unsealed, cast in place on grade concrete flooring slabs.


Nonvolatile Solids

22% +/- 0.5%

Total Active


ESD S7.1 (PTP and RTG) @ 100 VDC

<1.0E09 @ 40% Relative Humidity

Gallon Coverage (Feet 2 )

Approximately 1500 (sf) per gallon per coat

VOC Emissions per EPA Test Method 24

< 55 grams per liter

Static Dissipation

< 0.02 Second


8.4 - 9.0

Gloss 60 0

85+ @ 3 coats


Translucent white

Weight Per Gallon

8.45 - 8.6

Slip Resistance (ASTM)

0.65 Minimum (excellent)


2 year minimum at room temperature

Freeze/Thaw Stability

3 cycles minimum

Drying Time Between Coats

1 Hour

Water Resistance


Abrasion Resistance, ASTM D968-17

6,480 grams

Shelf Life 2 years in tightly sealed contaminate free containers stored at an ambient temperature of 70 degrees F. +/- 10 degrees F. Do not store containers in direct sunlight. Do not allow to freeze / thaw.



Typical coverage: 1,500 to 2,000 SF per gallon per coat

1 gallon container: weight 10 lbs, our part number E-Seal 1

1 case (4 ea 1 gallon containers): Weight 40 pounds, Our part number E-Seal 4

1 ea 5 gallon container: Weight 50 pounds,  Our part number E-Seal 5

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Best results are obtained when ElectraSeal is applied to cured concrete slabs which are 60 Deg F. or warmer and in relative humidity conditions of < 50%. Remove nuisance dust by sweeping with a soft bristle broom. An oil free sweeping compound may be used if needed. Thoroughly vacuum slab, saw cuts and expansion joints to remove any remaining loose dirt or dust.  If contaminants such as oil and grease have soaked into the concrete damp mop or auto-scrub with ElectraClean and clean cool water. Allow the slab to dry completely prior to application of ElectraSeal. Install one ground strip (included at no charge with your order) for every 2,500 square feet of flooring. Please click here for grounding instructions.


Two to Three coats of ElectraSeal will provide the optimum gloss and durability. Apply thin even coats using new loop end rayon or other non linting finish mops, allowing ElectraSeal to dry, (depending on humidity and temperature) for approximately 60 minutes between coats. Typical life span of product is approximately 3 years and dependent on traffic and maintenance. ElectraSeal may be effectively recoated without removal. For best results do not burnish. 

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PN: E-Seal-1, E-Seal-Case, E-Seal-5, ElectraSeal Static Control Concrete Sealer


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January  2016


Document Review 07/19/2017