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VPI Engineering ESD Floor

ESD Flooring Installation by United SCP


VPI EngineeringVPI Engineering, located in Salt Lake City Utah provides a wide range of engineering services for developing electronics and mechanical systems and products. From complete product development to support for existing projects VPI is a leader in Advanced Engineering Services including electrical, mechanical, software and manufacturing engineering.


VPI understands the importance of quality and reliability! As such, ESD flooring is a MUST. Following an extensive review of various static control flooring options they selected the ElectraGuard High Gloss ESD Flooring System paired with a professional installation from United Static Control Products.


United SCP is a leader in ESD flooring installations - we should be. We've installed, tested and Certified ESD floors since 1994! And, with ElectraGuard you'll never find a better hard surface floor for the money. It's robust and provides mission critical static control properties that interface well with carts, drag chains and personnel. ElectraGuard floors (with the proper preparation) are seamless for easy maintenance. They look great and more importantly they never EVER fail an ESD Audit! We've documented the daily work in progress to help you better understand what goes into one of these floors. This floor is approximately 50,000 square feet (we are focusing on a small area for better photo clarity).

fill expansion joints, repair and prep concrete

Day 1: Fill expansion joints, install grounding, repair and prep concrete.

Apply first coat of ElectraGuard Epoxy

Day 2: Roll first coat of epoxy and allow the product to dry overnight.

roll second coat of epoxy

Day 3: Apply ElectraBond and roll second coat of epoxy.

VPI Engineering, 3rd coat of ESD Epoxy

Day 4: Roll last coat, expect light roller marks as it dries.

VPI, application of Urethane

Day 5: Apply two coats of ElectraThane Urethane sealer.

VPI final photo, tested to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014

Day 6: Apply one coat of ElectraGlaze sacrificial finish, test to S20.20-2014


VPI, after



Electrical Resistivity to Ground (RTG)

Testing per ANSI / ESD S20.20-2014, S7.1

Environmental Conditions: 24.1 rH, 68.1o F (avg.) @ 10 VDC

Minimum: 1.37E05     Maximum: 3.66E05

Median: 2.64E05     Average: 2.52E05

VPI resistance to ground results



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