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ESD Flooring: Testing and Certification

Indisputable Proof of ESD Flooring Compliance


Certifying ESD flooring United SCP is possibly the most experienced third party ESD Flooring Certification source in the U.S.A. Our Engineers have certified over ten million square feet of ESD flooring technology since our original Certification of a GE facility in 1993.

On site testing is completed by engineers adept at testing to ANSI / ESD for electronic manufacturing, D.O.D 4145. 26-M for mission critical explosives environments and NFPA 484-15 for combustible metals (including additive manufacturing / 3D printing).

At United all we do is static control. As such, our engineering team understands the nuances of your ESD program and its interaction with the ESD Floor. Our engineers have provided independent 3rd party certifications for virtually every brand of commercially available ESD flooring including VPI, Armstrong, Forbo, StoneHard, Desco, Static Works, Julie Industries, Shaw, Polyflor, Tarkett and more.

We are a preferred source for testing to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021, 97.2 and are now available to provide 3rd party compliance verification for ESD Ionizers, Table Top Mats, Floor Mats and more in concert with the flooring Certifications.

Testing is fast, complete, accurate, concise, and professional. Typical rates inside the continental USA are $3,500 per day. This price is inclusive of all expenses incurred by the Technician (airfare, car rental, lodging etc.). The collected data is transferred to our Engineering Team who provide a full Report and Certification in accordance with the latest reporting standards. Rates outside the continental USA vary. Please call our sales group at 719 676 3928 for a quotation.


At United SCP we understand the importance of your ESD Floor!  So why use us for compliance and certifications? Well, for one you would be in with GREAT Company!




Area Covered

Type of ESD Flooring / Products

 Astranis Space Technologies

 San Francisco  69,000 sf  ElectraGuard High Gloss
 Marion County Justice Center  Indianapolis, IN  29,000 sf  ElectraTile
 DuPont  LA  5,700 sf  Forbo ESD Tile


 Nevada  22,000 sf  ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy


 Mexico 128,000 sf  EG Elite Thick Set ESD Epoxy


 CO  9,720 sf  ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy
 Confidential  Ohio   10,297 sf  ElectraGuard Stellar Black

 Argonne National Labs

 IL  28,371 sf  ElectraSeal ESD Sealer

 Commercial Flooring Center

 New Jersey  23,000 sf  Titanium Sheet Vinyl

 Weights / Measures (NIST)

 MD  7,800 sf  ElectraGuard High Gloss

 University of Cincinnati

 OH  6,200 sf  ESD Epoxy

 Cambridge Innovations

 MA  7,000 sf  ESD Epoxy

 Park Center IV

 VA  62,000 sf  Titanium ESD Tiles

 Loon LLC

 Puerto Rico  10,000 sf  ElectraGuard High Gloss

 VPI Engineering

 Utah  51,000 sf  ElectraGuard High Gloss

 GE Additive

 N/A  210,000 sf  ElectraSeal / ElectraGuard


 CO  23,000  ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy / E-Tile


 NM  47,000 sf  ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy

 United Launch Alliance 

 CO  63,000 sf  ESD Carpet and Tile

 USPS Main Distribution 

 NY   87,000 sf   ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy


 CA  30,000 sf  ElectraSeal ESD Concrete sealer

 Valve Corporation

 Kirkland WA  150,000 sf  ElectraSeal over polished concrete

 Philips Healthcare

 Bothell, WA  2,000 sf  ESD Carpet Tile

 Northrop Grumman

 U.S.A. / Saudi  N/A  VPI ESD Tiles


 Imperial, PA

 187,000 sf

 ElectraSeal / Titanium Vinyl

 Beam Machines

 Columbus Ohio  3,0000 sf  ElectraGuard High Velocity

 Honeywell / KBRwyle

 N/A  Numerous  Matting, ESD work stations, flooring


 Various Locations  Numerous  ElectraTile ESD Vinyl Tiles

 UTC Aerospace Systems


 25 areas

 Sheet Vinyl, Ionizers, Floor mats

 LMI Aerospace


 10,000 sf

 ESD Epoxy, matting, ionizers

Catalent Pharma


23,000 sf

StoneHard Thick Set Epoxy

 Oven Industries


 40,000 sf

 ESD Epoxy / ESD Tiles


Tecate, Mexico

50,000 sf

ESD Epoxy

Grand Central Station East

New York, NY

89,000 sf

ESD Concrete Sealer

Tolt Solutions

Charlotte, NC

30,000 sf

ESD Epoxy, Tiles and Sealers

Vandenberg AFB

Vandenberg AFB

45,000 sf

ESD Epoxy

PAF Mansoor Base


14,000 sf

ESD Sheet Vinyl


Hudson, MA

12,000 sf

ESD Epoxy

Dallas Ft Worth Intl. Airport

Dallas Ft Worth

27 critical areas

ESD concrete Sealer, Tiles, Epoxy


Centennial, CO

12,800 sf

ESD Epoxy

SparkFun Electronics

Boulder, CO

56,000 sf

ESD Concrete sealer, ESD Epoxy


Various Locations

250,000 SF

Epoxy Floor Paint

Northrop Grumman

Saudi Arabia

10,000 SF

ESD Tiles


Various Locations

98,000 SF

ESD Flooring Epoxy


Austin, TX

12,987 SF

ESD Carpet Tile

The Pentagon

Pentagon WA DC

20,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Sheet

Lockheed Marin

Various Locations

129,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Sheet


Various Locations

63,192 SF

ESD Carpet Tiles


Various Locations

68,000 SF

ESD Tiles

International Control Service

Decatur, IL

40,000 SF

ESD Vinyl

Avant Technologies -

Austin TX

28,000 SF

Forbo Vinyl

Aerojet - Aerospace

Rancho Cordova CA

4,500 SF


Northrop Grumman

Springfield PA

3,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Chandler Airport

Chandler AZ

1,000 SF

ESD Carpet

Cameron Health

San Clemente, CA

6,000 SF

ESD Sheet Vinyl

911 Call Center

Midland Texas

8,000 SF

Static Control Carpeting

Maxtor Corporation

Coppell, TX

20,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

ARQ Electronics

College Station, TX

35,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Agilonics Corporation


5,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

White Sands


15,000 SF

ESD Broadloom Carpeting

Jabil Circuit -

St Pete, FL

42,000 SF

UltraStatic Control Vinyl

Naval Base -

Point Mugu

26,800 SF

ESD Tiles

Effective Engineering

Burbank CA

13,000 SF

ESD Control Carpet

Transistor Devices, Inc.

Tecate,,  Mexico

25,000 SF

ElectraFloor Vinyl

US Marine Corps

Quantico VA

25,000 sf

ESD Carpet

Scanfil USA

Buford, GA

15,000 SF

ESD Concrete Sealer

Canadian Defense

Gagetown NB

1,000 SF

ESD Carpet

Indiana University

Bloomington, IL

1,200 SF

ESD Vinyl

Aerojet - Aerospace

Sacramento, CA

24,500 SF

ESD Floor Tiles

I PG Photonics -

Boston, MA

16,500 SF

ESD Vinyl Floor Tiles,

Peregrine Semi Conductor

San Diego CA

16,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Effective Engineering

Burbank, CA

6,000 SF

ESD UltraTile Vinyl

Octagon Systems

Westminster, CO

12,000 SF

ESD UltraTile Vinyl

GN Nettest/ Optical Division

Utica, NY

18,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Lucent Technologies

South Kearny, NJ

10,000 SF

ESD Sheet Vinyl

Avant Technologies

Austin, TX

6,000 SF

UltraTile Vinyl

Lucent Technologies / Tyco

Matamoras, Mexico

100,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Welded sheet goods

Lear Corporation

Zanesville, OH

30,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Sheet Goods

Jabil Circuit

St Petersburg, FL

170,000 SF

UltraStatic Control ESD Vinyl

Fujitsu Mexico Global

Reynosa Mexico

75,000 SF


NASA / Lockheed Martin

Houston TX

6,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring

Banta / Compaq Initiative

Houston, TX

60,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Tiles

Ingram Micro

Mississauga Ontario

65,000 SF

ESD Vinyl Tile

GE Capital I.T.S.

Alpharetta, GA

78,000 SF

ElectraTile & UltraTough

Pueblo County

Pueblo CO

25,000 SF

ESD Carpeting

Defense Construction

Nova Scotia, Canada

10,000 SF

ESD Carpet

AM General

South Bend, IL

47,000 SF

Heat welded 2' X 2' ESD Tiles

Tinker AFB

Oklahoma City OK

16,500 SF

UltraStatic Control vinyl tiles


Tucson AZ

32,000 SF

UltraStatic Control Carpet Tiles


Monterey Mexico

56,000 SF

12" x 12" vinyl esd tiles

General Monitors

Lake Forest, CA

12,500 SF

UltraStatic Control vinyl tiles

CFB (Canadian Forces)

Nova Scotia Canada

7,000 SF

ESD Carpet

Derr Valley Airport

Phoenix, AZ

1,000 SF

ESD Carpet

Rapport Inc

Westminster CO

1,000 SF

UltraStatic control Tiles


Santa Rosa CA

1000 SF

ESD Carpet Tiles

Cobe Cardiovascular

Arvada, CO

5,000 SF

ESD Carpeting

Santa Rosa ATC

Santa Rosa, CA

1,000 SF

ESD Carpeting

Argon ST

Lorton VA

8,000 SF

ESD Epoxy Flooring


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