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AEI - ST/DT ESD Test Box

Instructions for use



1) Connect the ST/DT tester ground wire to an existing pre-tested common point ground.

2A) ST (single threshold) series wrist strap test: Insert the male banana plug from the tester/calibrator (marked wrist strap) into the female wrist strap input of the ST ESD monitor.  The Operator LED should turn red. Pressing the High Operator button should cause the LED to turn green. The low button is not part of this test.
2B) DT (dual threshold) series wrist strap test: Insert the male banana plug from the tester/calibrator (marked wrist strap) into the female wrist strap input of the DT ESD Monitor.  The Operator high LED should indicate red and the operator low LED should indicate green. Pressing the high or operator buttons should cause the high LED to turn green. Pressing the low button should cause the low LED to turn yellow.
3) ST or DT (series 020 or 030 only)  Bench Mat Test: Insert the male 3.5 mm male jack from the tester/calibrator (marked mat) into the ST or DT monitor bench female input.  The audio alarm should sound and the bench LED should turn red. Press the bench test button. The bench LED should turn green and the audio alarm should no longer sound.
ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 list Constant Monitors Product Qualification as Follows:
Test Method - User Defined
Required Limit - User Defined
ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 list Constant Monitors Compliance Verification as Follows:
Test Method; ESD TR53 Continuous Monitors Section
Required Limit - Manufacturer Defined.

AEI Calibration Procedure, Testing Frequency for Constant Monitors

1) The calibration Procedure for AEI Monitors is thoroughly described in the Test Box Specifications.

2) Test equipment used to calibrate the AEI Test Box must be calibrated.

3)  Excalibur Engineering is responsible for Calibration once a year.

4)      Gold Standard

A.    Gold Standard Test Box and AEI Monitors are used to test all AEI Monitors. To verify the condition at 10 meg ohm  + 5%. Refer to the procedures and instructions provided with the Test Box, the Test Box aids with the installation and verifies Calibration, it simplifies in troubleshooting the workstation.

B.     All AEI. Monitors are subjected to a 24 hour burn in cycle prior to sale.

5) AEI (the manufacturer) recommends this procedure for all AEI ST/DT ESD monitors.

6) See Test Box specifications AEI-ST/DT Test Box for addition test procedures.

7)  AEI (the manufacturer) recommends testing your ESD monitors once every 60 days. United SCP recommends testing your constant monitors at least every 30 days.


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