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Constant Monitoring of ESD Wrist Straps & ESD Mats, American Made by AEI

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United guarantees the webs best prices on all Static Solutions Monitors!


works with ANY standard ESD wrist strapWorks great with any standard wrist strap
elliminates esd  log booksEliminates cumbersome logging
elliminates daily testing of esd wrist strapsEliminates daily testing of wrist straps
esd constant monitors100% Continuous, catches problems immediately
made in the USAProudly Made in the U.S.A.
Avaiable for ANY country and sold World Wide110/120 Volt U.S.A. style 3 prong power plugs supplied standard. 220 Volt units with Country Specific Plugs available for ANY Country. Please contact us for pricing on units going overseas.



Reliable performance of esd matting and esd wrist straps are critical for your product's integrity and reliability. Yet hand testing and hand logging wrist straps and ESD table top performance is a cumbersome, labor intensive, paperwork nightmare. Use of our esd wrist strap and esd bench mat monitors continuously verifies the effectiveness of your ESD protected workstation, simultaneously satisfies ISO logging requirements and insures outstanding product quality. Let's face it: Wrist straps can fail, ESD mat cords can become detached. How much compromised product could you build before you catch the problem?

ESD Mat and Wrist Strap Monitors, Made in the USA, 100% continuous, catches problems immediatelyThe uncontrolled discharge of static electricity can wreak havoc on the small electronic components used in the manufacturing of electronics. To eliminate static from the technician and control this problem technicians and the mats they work on must connected to a reliable electrical ground. Our ESD wrist strap and mat monitors insure the connection of the technician and mat to ground and alarm if this grounding becomes compromised.


ESD constant monitors, the good, the bad and the UGLY:  Now-a-days there are a variety of monitors to choose from.  Many require expensive hard to find dual wire wrist straps, provide a pulsed verification a mere 10% of the time or are overseas knockoffs so cheaply made that FRAGILE should be in their part number! NOT SO with our monitors! These monitors provide 100% continuous verification, don't require special wrist straps and these American Made monitors are designed to exacting close tolerance specifications backed by the strongest warranty in the industry!



Single Threshold. Alarm at high resistance levels only and test the most typical failure modes such as compromised skin to wrist strap contact, worn strap material or broken ground cords and connections (high resistance levels = alarm).

ST 010

ST010 (16K)

ST-010 single wrist strap continuous monitor (single threshold).

 Easy to install

Outstanding specifications

ST 020

ST020 (19K)

ST-020 single wrist strap and esd bench mat continuous monitor (single threshold).

Easy to install

Outstanding specifications

ST 030

ST030 (15K)


ST 030 two wrist straps AND esd bench mat continuous monitor (single threshold).

Easy to install

Outstanding specifications






ST 010

$50.94    Click to buy online

$48.13    Click to buy online


ST 020

$68.67    Click to buy online

$63.67    Click to buy online


ST 030

$114.00  Click to buy online

$108.67  Click to buy online





Dual Threshold. Test the typical failure modes such as compromised skin to wrist strap contact, worn strap material or broken ground cords and connections (high resistance levels = alarm) AND test for lost minimum resistance (IE the failure of the resistor in the wrist strap or ground cords).  Loss of the wrist strap safety resistor can constitute a safety hazard for the operator (especially when working with high voltage power supplies and equipment).  In addition, lost resistance can cause an immediate discharge of electrostatic potential (rather than controlled) potentially as damaging as not eliminating the charge in the first place.



Dual threshold resistance monitors for static control

DT 020 single wrist strap AND esd bench mat continuous monitor (dual threshold).

Easy to install

Outstanding Specifications

DT 030

ESD constant monitoring of two wrist straps and conductive bench top

DT 030 two wrist straps AND esd bench mat continuous monitor (dual threshold).

 Easy to install

Outstanding Specifications







DT 020

$73.33   Click to buy online

$71.00   Click to buy online


DT 030

$126.67 Click to buy online

$124.00 Click to buy online




Purchase On Line and SAVE!

NIST Certified Test Box for ST and DT Series Constant Wrist Strap and ESD Mat MonitorsNEW! ESD Verification Test Box (NIST Certified). This test unit used to test the ST and DT series constant monitors. Each verification test box includes full NIST certification.  Part Number ST/DT Test Box. Cost: $118.00 each. Buy Online.    Instructions for use.    Purchase a recertification.



The DT and ST monitors are terminated with an alligator clip that can be attached to a bi-layer matting or the fastener that is mounted on a tri-layer mat. This Optional snap attachment snaps onto a standard 3/8 male mat snap for a more secure connection. Part Number GC-Mini. Cost $7.49 each. Buy Online.



The 020 and 030 units are supplied with a Velcro adhesive fastening system. This optional mounting bracket can be mechanically fastened to the underside of a bench for a more secure mounting of the ST and DT 020 and 030 Monitors.


Metal Bracket Kit for use with 020 and 9202 series monitors: $6.73 each Buy Online.

Metal Bracket Kit for use with 030 and 9203 series monitors: $6.75 each. Buy Online.


NOTE: ESD mat monitors require matting that has a conductive inner scrim (tri-layer) or a conductive bi-layer (conductive on back side, static dissipative top surface). The following materials work well with all constant monitors: UltraComfort tri-layer vinyl, UltraTough heavy duty tri-layer vinyl, ElectraTherm heat resistant two layer rubber. NOTE: If using tri-layer static dissipative matting the unit (and ground connection from the matting) must make contact with the conductive inner layer of the esd mat.  To insure this contact use either our push and cinch or mat snap kit and punch a tight hole in mat for subsequent attachment of the fastener. Many customers hardwire the bench cable to the fastener (the unit is supplied standard with an alligator attachment) or use the optional snap fastener attachment.


For our older style 9201D, 9202D and 9203 monitors please visit: Our original ESD wrist strap and mat monitors.


Visit comparison of resistance and capacitance for difference in alarms


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