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Care and Feeding of ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy

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ESD Epoxy Floor Paint in SMT Manufacturing FacilityUse brooms, dust mops, damp mops, buckets and other cleaning tools dedicated for use on the ESD flooring only. Mark them as "for use in ESD area only." Place entry way carpeted "clean off" mats in the doorways of the ESD area to remove the contaminants from footwear and carts.


On a daily basis: Sweep the ElectraGuard floor using a soft bristle broom to remove large abrasives such as wire clippings, nuts, bolts, etc. The use of a floor magnet to pick up ferrous metal shavings etc. helps avoid scratches. If the flooring is exceedingly dusty sweep it using an oil free sweeping compound that will leave no residue. Complete the process using a dry dust mop.


As needed:  Damp mop the ElectraGuard floor  using a diluted solution of ElectraClean and water.


Note: For NEW floors: Allow the floor at least 30 days to cure prior to introducing water to the flooring.

Note: Remove floor mats and do not reinstall the mats until the floor is dry.

Note: Never allow water to accumulate beneath any floor mats.

Note: ElectraGuard is not recommended for standing or reoccurring water.


For more aggressive cleaning Auto Scrub the ESD floor to remove ground in dirt and contaminants. ElectraClean works well with all types of Auto Scrubbers. Use the softest pads and brushes available that will get the job done (example red or black). Set the auto scrubber pressure to as low as possible adjusting the downward pressure higher as needed. Use the lowest possible pressure available that will get the job done. Note: Never use plain water or standard floor cleaners on ANY ESD flooring. Standard floor cleaners leave an insulative residue that may affect the conductivity over time. ElectraClean is designed to be diluted with warm, clean water. Add 4 ounces to a gallon for light cleaning, 8 ounces to a gallon for medium cleaning and 12 ounces to a gallon for heavy duty cleaning.


ElectraGuard is normally sealed with two thin coats of ElectraThane Urethane enhanced sealer to seal the epoxy and add a diamond hard medium gloss. While extremely hard and wear resistant, ElectraThane does not lend itself to high speed polishing or burnishing. It is permanent (it cannot be stripped and easily re-applied). Hence, this urethane enhanced sealer is typically coated with one thin coat of ElectraGlaze ESD floor finish or ElectraSheen Sapphire II. These are sacrificial coatings that provide the ability to easily remove scuff marks and increase the shine via high speed burnishing. In addition, they may  be stripped and re-applied if ever needed.


To remove scuff marks: Spray buff either of these final coatings using a high speed polisher equipped with a white or champagne colored pad and ElectraShine. Or, simply remove them by hand using a doodle bug (or even a soft rag). High speed burnishing provides ULTIMATE gloss. This may be accomplished with any high speed buffer (not a scrubber) but propane polishers will provide the highest micro finish and gloss. Eventually, ElectraGlaze or ElectraSheen Sapphire II may start to lose their exceptional gloss characteristics from wear and repeated cleanings. When this occurs re-application may be required.


ElectraGlaze: Up to two thin coats may be re-applied over the initial ElectraGlaze with no stripping necessary. Simply clean and recoat.


ElectraSheen Sapphire II: This product is much harder and easier to apply than ElectraGlaze however it is slightly less conductive. Hence, one single thin coat is typically all that is used (the initial coat may need to be stripped prior to application).


Stripping of ElectraGlaze or ElectraSheen Sapphire II: As the flooring ages the sacrificial coatings may not provide the ultimate desired gloss due to ground in dirt and detritus. In this case strip the coatings with ElectraStrip (follow direction for use and observes SDS precautions), thoroughly shop vac up the muck, double rinse with water mixed with 4 ounces of ElectraClean. Allow the floor to dry and reapply one or two thin coats of ElectraGlaze or a single coat of ElectraSheen Sapphire II using a finish mop, wax applicator or microfiber mop.


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