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ElectraShine Anti-Static High Speed Gloss Enhancer for ESD Flooring

Diamond Like Shine, ULTIMATE Luster!


Spray Buff Operation for ESD Flooring

ElectraTile top coated with ElectraGlaze and High Speed Burnished with ElectraShine.


ElectraShine provides an outstanding mirror like finish to all types of hard surface ESD flooring including ESD tiles, Epoxy, ESD floor paint and all types of ESD floor finish. ElectraShine's proprietary formula contains special lubricants that help reduce overheating of the ESD floor caused by the polishing operation while its active anti-stats help reduce static and rejuvenate the static control properties of the flooring. 


ElectraShine may also be used on ANY type of hard surface standard flooring to reduce nuisance static and provide an outstanding micro-finish. It's easy to apply and ideal for use with either propane or electric high speed polishing equipment (1,200 rpm or higher).

  • Ultimate Shine! Diamond Like Gloss

  • Antistatic properties enhance static conductivity

  • Easy to apply, fast and economical

  • Use on ANY hard surface flooring - with or without floor finish

  • Helps remove many common scuff marks

  • Reduces heat stress from high speed polishing

  • Ideal for propane and electric polishers

  • Made in the USA and environmentally oriented

Application and Maintenance: Remove loose dirt and soil by sweeping or vacuuming. For best results, the area to be buffed should be pre-cleaned with ElectraClean ESD floor cleaner to remove fine dirt and soils that can become embedded during high speed burnishing procedures and scratch the flooring.

Dilute ElectraShine at 8 ounces per gallon of cold clean water. Using a bucketless mop or comparable cleaning system equipped with a microfiber cleaning or finish application flat mop, damp mop the area to be burnished. Allow the mopped area to dry, then, using a 1500-2500 RPM burnisher equipped with a white or similar soft pad, with limited pressure or burnishing equipment set to “float,” burnish areas, making several passes to enhance the gloss. NOTE: burnishing area while they are still damp or in high humidity conditions may result in hazing of the finish surface. Wash and rinse buffing pads after each application. For optimum results, do not apply under high humidity conditions.

Why Spray Buff an ESD Floor Finish? High speed burnishing changes the profile as well as the hardness of ESD floor finish and provides a brilliant diamond like luster as the operation progresses. Not only is the floor finish made harder from polishing / burnishing application (equating to an approximate 20% increase in wear resistance) electrical conductivity is increased by as much as 1/2 of a decade!


ElectraShine controls overheating. Overheating can pull excessive active ingredient from the floor finish compromising conductivity and leaving hard to remove oily smears. We recommend using new polishing pads or bonnets, starting with the finest pad available and working to a more aggressive pad only if needed.  Always keep the pad semi moist. The flooring should never feel warm to the touch in an area that has been polished. For best results allow the floor finish to cure for at least 24 hours prior to polishing. ElectraShine provides a superb increase in shine, conductivity and wear resistance and works well with both propane and electric high speed polishers to remove many common scuff marks as you polish.


ElectraShine is a concentrate. A gallon can provide up to 24,000 square feet of coverage.

Typical coverage: 1,500 SF of diluted product per gallon.

Typical dilution: 8 ounces of product mixed with about 1 gallon of clean cool water.


 SDS Sheet (pdf download)       Data Sheet


Storage and Shelf Life: Store at an ambient temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and in a tightly sealed container. Do NOT expose this container to direct sunlight or contaminate the container with ElectraShine that has been previously poured into another container (such as a mop bucket) Do not mix with other chemicals. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of purchase if these requirements have been followed.


1 gallon: E-Shine 1, $34.99 ea, 10 lbs, Buy Online

1 case (4 x 1 gal), E-Shine 4, $126.80 ea, 40 lbs, Buy Online

5 gallon pail: E-Shine 5, $153.25 ea, 50 lbs, Buy Online


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