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ElectraWear-ESD Smocks

Static Control Garment. Groundable Static Control Garment, Groundable Static Control Garment System. Frequently asked questions on ESD Smock Compliance that will help in selecting the perfect garment for your needs!


Question: Why do some ESD smocks have ground cords while others do not? There are THREE configurations for Static Control Garments that are compliant to the new ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 Standards.


1) Static Control Garment: These smocks are primarily designed to shield the technician's static laden clothing from the ESD Sensitive product. They DO NOT come with a ground snap and DO NOT require a cumbersome ground cord. When these static control garments come into contact with the users skin (the user's skin is about as electrically conductive as the garment) the static charge is equalized and goes to ground via the technician's primary ground source (normally an esd wrist strap and or ESD heel grounders). This style of smock is the most popular. For more on how a static control garment shields static please see this brief 2 minute YouTube Video Our EWC Lab Coat and EWJ Standard Length and our EW Vest are all compliant to Static Control Garment.


2) Groundable Static Control Garment: These smocks are primarily designed to shield the technician's static laden clothing from the ESD Sensitive product but they provide redundant protection in the unusual event the smock does not make contact with the users skin. For most ISO requirements and as a general rule of thumb if a smock has a snap it MUST be attached to a ground cord and to an electrical ground. A Groundable Static Control Garment is NOT recommended as the technician's primary ground source (an ESD wrist strap and or ESD heel straps are still required). Our EWA, EWCC and EWFLC are compliant to Groundable Static Control Garment.


3) Groundable Static Control Garment System: These smocks are designed to act as a primary ground source for the technician (they can act as a replacement for a wrist strap). In addition to grounding the technician, they will also help to shield the technician's clothing from the ESD sensitive product. They are reliant on good skin to smock contact. Hence, they may come with ESD cuffs (like our Ultimate Cotton Poly) or snap style cuffs that fit snugly around the users wrist. Our EWUCP, EWA and EWFLC are all compliant to Groundable Static Control Garment System.


How are smocks typically tested in an end user environment?  In the most popular method (TR-53) the smock is placed on a highly insulative substrate and tested using a megohmmeter and 2 ea 5 pound electrodes. An electrode is placed on a smock panel or sleeve, another electrode is placed on an opposite panel or sleeve. The electrodes are connected to the megger by cables. A 100 volt charge is shot thru one electrode and the smock and picked up by the other electrode - the megger calculates the electrical resistance between the electrodes in ohms. Visit esda.org for full specifics on testing to TR-53.


What levels of conductivity does the smock need to meet to conform to ANSI/ESD S 20.20-2014? This standard divides the ranges up into three levels. 1) Static Control Garment; <1.0E11 ohms (these smocks contain no ground snap or ground cord).  2) Groundable Static Control Garment; <1.0E09 ohms (contains a smock ground snap for use with ground cord).  3) Groundable Static Control Garment System; <3.5E07 ohms (35 megs). Made with snug fitting cuffs and a ground snap.


Why United for ESD Garments? Our materials and manufacturing techniques are known for quality and durability NATION WIDE! We continually subject our garments to  rigorous testing for quality, performance and Value. ElectraWear smocks look great, fit well, provide unparalleled static control protection and save your esd program a substantial amount of money.


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