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Electrical Grounding for ElectraLock ESD Tile

Easy, Fast and Reliable Grounding of ESD Interlocking Tiles


Step 1

attachment of copper foil to ground system

  • Turn off power to Outlet, remove faceplate cover, remove bottom screw holding outlet to conduit box, start the 1/2 wide adhesive backed copper foil tape as shown, place screw through copper, replace ac face plate cover, restore power.

Step 2

copper foil runing down wall, ready for ESD interlocking tile

  • Run ground foil down wall and onto substrate about a foot or 2. Hint: Use an L square to keep it parallel or it  may bother you long term! It's fine to attach to multiple outlets. This same method may be used to attach to steel structural support columns as well.

Step 3

testing ground grid for ESD interlocking tile

  • Test your grid as you go. The resistance to AC electrical should be less than One k ohm if using a megger. If using a standard volt ohm meter the readings are normally less than a few ohms.


ElectraLock Finished Ground System

Note: A Copper strip is placed over the ground strips coming down from the outlet (or steel structural support columns) and is ran the full length of one wall. When the tiles are placed over the copper strip running parallel with the wall the entire structure becomes grounded. ElectraLock has excellent tile to tile conductivity due to the full surface conductive backing. To purchase our copper foil ground tape: Add to our shopping cart

Example: Ground Grid for ESD Interlocking Tiles

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