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ElectraTough Interlocking ESD Tile

NO Adhesive Required, Free Shipping, In Stock!

For use over any type of hard surface flooring and thin pile glued down carpeting! Simply Click and Lock! Save your company over $20.00 per tile compared to our competitors AND get free shipping and a bigger tile! Compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 Standards! In Stock and Ready to Ship! For our New VINYL ESD Interlocking Tile please click here.

FREE SHIPPING on this ESD Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A. AND Canada! Plus! Order today and receive an Additional 5% off of this material!  Details apply

Interlocking ESD Floor Tile LayoutUnited's ElectraTough Mission Critical works hard for a living!  ElectraTough Mission Critical provides ultimate protection useful for full surface esd floors OR as ESD flooring Runners. Whether electronic assembly, munitions, computer forensics or other Mission Critical applications, serious protection requires serious control of electrostatic voltage. 

ESD "events" (and their consequences) are caused by the equalization or abrupt grounding of minute but powerful electrostatic charges. When your applications are for "Mission Critical" ESD Protection that conforms to the latest recommendations of ANSI /ESD S 20.20-2014 as well as THE most stringent Mil Specs:

ElectraTough Interlocking ESD Tiles are the Answer.

Our unique interlocking flooring system is incredibly resilient. It handles the heaviest of rolling load yet offers the flexibility for configuration to ANY size shape or plans for future expansion. Featuring Lifetime permanent conductivity that fall in the highly desirable static CONDUCTIVE range THIS material offers ultimate protection. Chair casters? Rolling equipment carts?  NO PROBLEM! Moving to a new location? Take your floor with you! Your last floor failed due to concrete vapor emissions? Never happen with ElectraTough! Static CONDUCTIVE esd matting is highly desirable for fast COMPLETE electrostatic charge decay.  ElectraStat Type 301 meets stringent recommendations of ANSI ESD S 2020-2014 for use with THE most sensitive of manufacturing.

  • Interlocking tiles EASY install!

  • Easily handles all Concrete vapor emissions

  • Works with chair casters

  • Made for THE most demanding of situations

  • Easy discreet grounding

  • Permanent conductivity

  • Absorbs shock, noise and vibration

  • Highly Chemical resistant

  • Handles all activity including heavy loads

  • Designed to cover any shape or size area

  • Safety beveled outside edges.

  • Will not leave adhesive residues on existing flooring.

  • For use of all hard surface flooring, concrete and thin pile glued down carpeting

  • For details on how to cut an inside corner Click Here.

  • Profile of Surface: Click here for a photo of the surface texture

  • High Tech Pebble finish: great appearance and slip resistant traction. Can be used on all hard surface floors and short pile carpet. Easy discreet grounding, Grounding tape included at NO CHARGE.

More options in esd flooring for static control iconThickness: 3/8 (9.52 mm)

More options in esd flooring for static control iconColor: Black

More options in esd flooring for static control iconSurface Resistivity > 1.0E04 <5.5E06

More options in esd flooring for static control iconResistance to ground: <5.5E06

More options in esd flooring for static control iconMeets ANSI ESD S20.20-2007, 97.1  of <3.5E07.

meets ansi esd s20.20-2014MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2 with a charge generation of under 100 volts!

More options in esd flooring for static control iconMSDS Sheet

More options in esd flooring for static control iconFor a photo of the tiles with dimensions please click HERE



Product Code 301-AS. Currently in stock and ready to ship.

2' x 2' Center Tiles: $42.00 each (less than $10.50 per square foot delivered)

1' x 2' End Tiles" $25.50 each, 1' x 2' Corner Tiles $31.50
Compare to our Competition's ESD Interlocking Tiles at $14.76 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!

301-AS Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles December 28, 2017
Reviewer: Joyce Ann Rabon from Sanford, NC United States  
These tiles are durable and the preferred choice by the Engineer's.   Since the 301-AS are inter-locking tiles available in center, edge, and outside corners, allows for flexible sizes to be utilized.  A great product!


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