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Static Solutions CC-2641

Premium Coil Cords for RT-1000

These CC-2641 premium coil cords are designed to fit the pin jack inputs of the RT-1000  and the associated electrodes and probes that are equipped with a banana jack input. They are robust, RoHS compliant and will stretch to a comfortable 5 feet. The high dielectric provided by the insulation insures accurate readings when used to test resistance and conductivity.


RT-1000 Curl Cords

Static Solutions CC-2641 Replacement Cable for use with the RT-10000. These 5' long (fully extended) specialty coil cords are equipped with a 3.5 mm male phono style pin jack on one end and a 1/8" male spring loaded banana jack on the opposite end.


The 3.5 mm pin jack securely fits into the inputs of the RT-1000 while the standard male banana jacks with multiple spring loaded flutes will fit a multitude of electrodes including the MP-6533 (personal hand held electrode), the RP-4323 (5 pound electrodes for testing esd floors, mats etc) and the GC-5621 garment clips and more.


These cables feature heavy duty strain reliefs and a high dielectric insulation for dependable accuracy when testing in the static dissipative range of electrical conductivity. They include complimentary alligator clips at no charge.  Large Photo     Click Here to Buy Online


     static conductive handleRobust, long lasting and well made.

     static dissipative brush fibersRoHS Compliant, heavy duty strain reliefs.

     chemical resistant handles and brush fibersExtends to over 5 feet.

     non sparkingSold only in pairs. Includes complimentary alligator clips

     ESD brush with NO carbon sloughing Designed for use with the RT-1000 but fits a multitude of resistivity test equipment




Pin Jack

3.5 mm male (.137 inch)

Banana Jack

1/8" male banana with 8 spring loaded flutes


< 1 ohm

Cable length extended

> 5 feet


Individual, sold in pairs


Part Number: CC-2641

Weight 6 ounces

Cost $19.99 per pair

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