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ESD Tile / OPTIONS in ESD Floor Tiles

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At United SCP we understand that in many cases the success of your static control program depends on the reliable performance of your esd floor tiles Your flooring is interactive, it's part of a bigger picture. It must perform in concert with ESD chairs, carts, shelving, trolleys and personnel. United has specialized in ESD flooring since 1993. Our experience allows us to provide truly reliable selections that eliminate the headaches and specific compliance issues caused by some esd tile flooring. The following selections provide time tested long term value and mission critical static control performance.


esd tile over liquid conductive adhesive photoE-Tile ESD Tile BulletElectraTile ESD Tile - Value oriented yet ISO manufactured to the highest of quality standards. ElectraTile is compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20 standards. ElectraTile is micro finished for a low to NO maintenance high shine.

ElectraTile features extremely accurate dimensional stability and are truly square for a near seamless installation. ElectraTile is IN STOCK in multiple colors. 1' x 1' x 1/8 inch thickness.  Installed cost (including materials and labor) about $5.50 per square foot.*

Top Seller!
$140.40 per Carton
45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton (only $3.12 Per Square Foot).
Compare to our Competition at $4.29 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



Titanium series antistatic ESD conductive floor tile photo

2'x2' ESD TileElectraFloor Titanium Series Mission Critical ESD Floor Tiles - 2' x 2' for Easy, FAST install! 20 year Wear Warranty and Award winning aesthetics! Fully conductive backing for Ultimate Static Control Properties.

Titanium is easily compliant to the latest ANSI 20.20 and NFPA 484 standards. It's slip resistant and indestructible!  An industry exclusive ONLY from United SCP! Installed cost (including materials and labor) about $6.50 per square foot.*

Top Seller!
$272.03 per Carton
15 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton (only $4.53 Per Square Foot).
Compare to our Competition at $5.67 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!


New! ESD Interlocking Tile Photo

 Interlocking ESD TilesTitanium Series Mission Critical ESD Interlocking Floor Tile - Sometimes installing ESD tile can be SUCH a hassle! Not SO with ElectraLock! ElectraLock is for use in covering ANY type of hard surface flooring! Saves the cost and disruption of tearing out old flooring or prepping the concrete! No Adhesive Required! Permanent or Temporary (reusable). Seamless Appearance. Matte Finish or High Gloss. Currently have old Asbestos laden Tile? NO problem, cover them and SAVE the cost of asbestos abatement! Lowest Price in the industry for Interlocking Vinyl ESD Tiles!

Top Seller!
$321.43 per Carton
15 ea 19.75 x 19.75 inch tiles per carton (including teeth).
37.60 square feet per carton (only $8.54 Per Square Foot).
Compare to our Competition at $11.13 to $25.72 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!


Interlocking ESD Flooring install over carpet or hard surfacesInterlocking ESD TilesElectraTough Interlocking ESD floor tiles,  No Adhesive Required! Perfect for odor free installation on concrete, wood, epoxy, laminates and even thin pile carpeting! Indestructible esd protection that meets the latest ANSI ESD S20.20, 97.1 standards. ElectraTough handles chair caster and cart traffic with ease. Fast installation (simply click them together). Structures can be built to any length or width.

 FREE SHIPPING and 5% Off!
2' x 2' Center Tiles: $42.00 each (less $10.50 psf delivered)
1' x 2' End Tiles" $25.50 each, 1' x 2' Corner Tiles: $31.50 each
Compare to our Competition's ESD Interlocking Tiles at $14.76 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



Peel And Stick ESD Tiles ONLY From United SCP!

Peel & Stick ESD Tiles BulletNEW! Peel and Stick ESD Tiles! - INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! Patent Pending and Only from United SCP!  Titanium Modular peel and stick esd tiles feature a case hardened static dissipative top surface bonded to a full surface static conductive backing laminated to a unique peel and stick adhesive for easy installation over all hard surface flooring, carpet tiles AND thin pile glued down carpeting. No Messy Adhesives, Odors, Disruptions or the tripping hazards and edging headaches that are typical with click and lock esd tiles.

Single 2' x 2' Tiles: $34.99 each
(only $8.75 Per Square Foot).
Compare to Click and Lock ESD Tiles at $14.76 per square foot!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



VPI installed in clean room electronic manufacturing environmentVPI Conductile bulletVPI ESD Tile - VPI Statmate & Conductile Tiles are easily one of the highest quality longest lasting tiles on the market. They feature an outstanding high gloss finish that is extremely attractive and durable. These tiles provide excellent dimensional stability and extensive color selections.

Unlike some cheap imports VPI heat treats their tiles to eliminate long term shrinkage. VPI tiles allow the user to select static CONDUCTIVE  for mission critical static control or Static Dissipative for a slower static decay rate. American made.  Installed cost about $7.00 per square foot.*


Conductive Adhesive included at NO Charge with All VPI Tiles!

1 to 3000 sf - $260.55 per Carton ($5.79 PSF)

3,000 to 9,999 SF - $236.99 per Carton ($5.26 PSF)

10,0000 to 20,000 SF - $210.95 per Carton ($4.68 PSF)


45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



antistatic floor tile installation, semi valley ca photoForbo Colorex BulletForbo ESD Tiles - Forbo Colorex ESD control Vinyl Tiles are a time tested solution for achieving premium static control. Colorex is made using a proprietary process that removes many typical contaminants from the vinyl insuring a tile devoid of cheap clay fillers and binders that cause cracking and breaking. Colorex is truly resilient and perfect for flash coving. These tiles feature a patented and proprietary conductive grid work backing for optimum electrical consistency.

Forbo Industries is a premier time tested and reliable manufacturer known world wide for quality. Fabulous color selection! Available in static conductive AND static dissipative. Installed cost (materials and labor) about $7.50 per square foot.*

$347.42 per Carton (static dissipative)
14 ea 24.2" ' x 24.2" (61.5 cm x 61.5 cm) tiles per carton (only $6.06 Per Square Foot).
Compare to our Competition at $6.59 per square foot!
Plus we will ship ANY quantity of Forbo to ANY location in the Continental USA for a mere $79.00!

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



Installed ESD Tile floors have seams! Tile to tile conductivity is bridged via the use of specialty conductive adhesives. No matter how tightly tiles fit together seams and deviations are slightly apparent in the finished install. This nuance is more apparent with high gloss, thicker (1/8 inch) tiles and tile installations backlit by open sunny windows photoAnti-Static Flooring, OPTIONS in ESD Floors.  Unlike most standard (VCT style) floor tiles, ESD tiles are non porous. Hence, even relatively low concrete emissions are the number one cause of esd tile flooring failure. Pre test your concrete slab for vapor emissions prior to use of any vinyl flooring product. Testing for vapor emissions is easy and well worth the effort.  Employee Safety Tip: Consider slip resistance when making your selection. High gloss esd tiles can be very slick when wet. Tiles such as Forbo and Titanium are less glossy but provide higher slip resistance.


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