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Static control products for office environments, consumer electronics and your health.


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Don't believe that static can damage a Computer?

Ask any computer manufacturer.  All computers are manufactured in an static control controlled environment. When a static discharge causes problems in the manufacturing environment they fix it and try to make sure it doesn't happen in the future BUT when it happens in the end user environment it's good luck, sorry about your problem and have a nice day ;) Hard as the manufacturers try, user induced static discharges are a proven cause of computer problems.

While minimal static discharges may just cause occasional component failure (culminating in those annoying little glitches that take a bite out of your productivity), more powerful discharges can cause permanent damage and data loss.

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Don't Don't Zap Your Computer!your Computer!


  • Mysterious Computer glitches!

  • Lost Data - Corrupted Data

  • Component Damage

  • Eliminate on screen dust.

  • Unique "seeing is believing" static control indicator.

In addition, static generation (a by product of the older CRT style monitors) can climb to thousands of volts. This high voltage electrostatic potential causes the monitor to attract a significant amount of charged dust particulate (+) that clings momentarily on the screen and particles propel away from the monitor towards the (negatively charged) computer user.

The UltraStat FST, patented and sold by Ultrastatinc in 1992 eliminates static  from the monitor and the computer user on a continual, on going basis.   Featuring a unique "seeing is believing" static display technology, and easy installation the UltraStat FST is still THE most advanced static control technology on the planet for the older CRT style monitors (the device isn't recommended for the new flat screen LCD style monitors).

COST: $112.97 - Includes 1 each free bottle of UltraSpray static conducting screen spray!


NEW! Anti Static Pickup / Static Control for Computers!

For use on Carpet, Hard Surface Flooring AND Standard Chair Mats!


Much more than a mere anti static chair mat! Controls the devastating effects of user induced static discharge to electronics. Protects computers, file servers, sophisticated audio equipment and cash register touch screens - eliminates static induced glitches in micro electronics  - protects network integrity and Tames the Static Beast!


The VersaStat

Perfect for use on Carpet OR hard surface chair mats or flooring! Eliminates Static Electricity - Protects Sensitive Micro Electronics! Ultimate static control for computers, file servers, audio equipment and more! Standard Size is 2' x 1', optional sizes 3' x 2' (perfect for file servers.

Now just $59.95 each!

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The VersaStat Static Control System - PROTECTS computers, file servers, copy machines, sensitive audio equipment and micro electronics from the damaging effects of user induced Electro Static Discharge. Safely removes static electricity from people and carpeting. Excellent for removing static from all types of chair mats, chairs and personnel. Available with or without our unique patented static display monitor the VersaStat installs in minutes, drains the static electricity in seconds, is built to last a Lifetime and is Made in America. New - now easier to ground! Simply plug it into a grounded 3 prong outlet. The Way it Works: Static electricity is typically generated by the contact and separation of a person's shoes (or the casters of a chair) against an insulative surface (like carpet or a chair mat). The static charge is stored on the person until they contact the mat (immediate) or contacts the conductive spray that is used on the pad and surrounding area (slower discharge but equally as effective). The charge flows across the spray, to the pickup, is slowed and controlled and dissipated to the to AC electrical ground.


antistatic pickup destroys static electricityEliminates static induced glitches!

Immediate and impressive static control bulletImmediate and impressive static control!

protects microelectronics from static discharge bulletProtects sensitive electronics from user induced static events!

low profile static pickup for reduced tripping bulletTough yet thin static pickup for reduced tripping hazard!

simply plug the static pickup into a standard wall outlet iconEasy to ground! Simply plug it in!

control static buildup from walking on carpet iconEliminates the static from 20' x 20' carpeted area!

perfect for controling static built up from rolling on chair mats iconMakes ANY chair mat a static free Island!

Unique static indicator shows how easy it is to create static!

Optional Static Indicator: Our unique InteliStat "seeing is believing" static collection / display unit. Simply tapping your foot generates enough static to fire the indicator! SHOWS how easy it is to create static and that the charge has been effectively neutralized by your VersaStat!  Awesome technology and only from United Static Control Products!


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The VersaStat is so powerful it can drain the static charge from carpet, so versatile it's perfect for eliminating static induced problems with copy machines and even sensitive audio equipment.  Perfect for use on plastic chair mats or any hard or soft floor covering system. Optional Patented battery free (static powered) electrostatic collection / display unit provides Informative verification of charge decay.


To view the original patent visit: UltraStat Patent




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