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Anti Static Spray / Stops Static on Contact!

Static Dissipative <1.0E09 Anti Static Spray photo

UltraSpray 4 ounce with sprayer

$9.99 each

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All antistatic sprays are NOT created Equal! UltraSpray features the strongest commercially available anti stats on the market. A quick spray of the mist renders static laden plastics and glass surfaces static dissipative (electrically semi conductive).


Immediate Long Lasting Results!


UltraSpray's concentrated anti stats provide an electrical conductivity range that is PERFECT for allowing the static to spread and evenly disperse. For use on static laden plastics, glass, carpeting and more.


UltraSpray is a static dissipative spray that is designed to render hard surfaces and many soft surfaces (such as carpet) static free.

UltraSpray is the strongest commercially available anti static spray on the market with an electrical surface resistivity below 1.0E09.* UltraSpray is an environmentally friendly proprietary quaternary and resin mixture. With a neutral pH, no free ammonia, alkali, acids or abrasives. UltraSpray may be removed with repeated washings of water or other commercially available solvents and degreasers. UltraSpray may slightly smear on glass but can be polished with a lint free cloth to remove smears. Re application may be required and discrete pretesting of substrate is always recommended.

  • Immediate static control!
  • Fast, easy application!
  • Non flammable, cost effective and long lasting!
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly!
  • Protects sophisticated electronics!
  • Stops static cling on contact!
  • Available in convenient 4 ounce bottle.

MORE INFORMATION: UltraSpray is a proprietary product manufactured by United Static Control Products Inc. To use this product simply spray directly on problem area with a light sweeping motion, allow to dry and static electricity becomes a thing of the past.  UltraSpray is the longest lasting and most conductive anti-static spray on the market today.  UltraSpray was originally designed for use with our unique FST and ClearView static elimination systems.

*100 volts @ 38%rH

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