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  ElectraMat ESD Mat Cleaner

ElectraMat Deep Cleans ESD Matting and doesn't leave insulative residues that can alter the esd mats electrical performance. It helps to rejuvenate the static control properties of the matting, smells nice and is environmentally oriented.


ElectraMat ESD Mat Cleaner REJUVENATES ESD Matting

ElectraMat ESD Mat Cleaner SDS Sheet


ElectraMat ESD matting cleaner contains powerful static dissipative surfactants that thoroughly clean without leaving insulative residues or making the matting brittle.  ElectraMat helps to restore the static control mats electrical properties.


ElectraMat DEEP Cleans and is available in a convenient 1 quart bottle with trigger sprayer or economical one and five gallon containers. 


For light duty cleaning of your esd mat just wipe the surface with a cloth or paper towel dampened with ElectraMat.  For heavier duty cleaning simply mist the esd mat with ElectraMat and wipe off the dirt and grime with (preferably) a lint free cloth or even a paper towel.  ElectraMat works great for damp mopping esd floor mats too.  Just pour full strength into a mop bucket, immerse a clean cotton mop into the solution, ring out excess and damp mop

  • Helps enhance esd properties and deep cleans!

  • Made in America and RoHS compliant!

  • Super Heavy Duty Trigger Sprayers - last for years!

  • REMOVES insulative grit and grime!

  • Environmentally friendly, powerful yet effective!

  • Formulated for virtually all esd matting materials!

  • Convenient, economical and even smells nice;)

  • Low volatility, non flammable and non toxic!

  • Does not contain silicone, alkali or other harsh chemicals that may dry and crack rubber and vinyl matting!


1 Quart with trigger sprayer: PN: ElectraMat 01Q,    $8.22 ea 


1 Quart case (12 quarts to a case,  WITH trigger sprayer on each quart), ElectraMat 12Q, shipping weight 39 lbs,    $127.00 PN: 


1 Quart case (12 quarts to a case,  WITH OUT trigger sprayers on  each quart), PN: ElectraMat 12Q, shipping weight 39 lbs.   $92.92 



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