United Tames the Static Beast

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Why Use ESD Matting?

How to Save Money on your Mats

Static electricity is typically generated by the contact and separation of materials. Whether it's a person's clothes against their skin or the contact and separation of a person's shoes when walking on an electrically insulative floor (like standard tiles and carpeting). It's easy to generate a static charge! A static charge is in search of an electrical ground and ultimately - the earth.

Static builds on a person until they come into contact with something of a lower electrical resistance and ZAP! 99% of the time a person won't feel the discharge. It's constant, ongoing and relentless. If uncontrolled these discharges can wreak havoc on sophisticated electronic components. ESD Matting slows, controls and dissipates the static, ultimately allowing it to find ground without the disruption it so often causes along the way.

It's not all about electrical conductivity! It's about Static Decay and Static Generation! If you've reached this page you probably already understand that ESD (anti-static) Matting is designed to take the static charge from you - the technician to electrical ground. Mats come in various ranges of electrical conductivity but don't pay for more conductivity than you really need! To meet the latest ANSI/ESD 2016 standards mandatory for compliance when building or handling "unprotected" circuit boards, you'll want a floor mat that has a resistance range of <1.0E09 and a CHARGE GENERATION (when walking) of under 100 volts. A table top mat (at least for this year) just needs to be less than 1.0E09 to be compliant to these new standards. Charge Generation is not a part of table top matting compliance THIS YEAR.

Here's where you can save some money! Don't pay for more than you need. Not EVERYONE needs to meet ANSI Standards! A mat that post an electrical resistance above 1.0E09 can still be anti-static and can do an EXCELLENT job of decaying static and keeping static generation below 100 volts! Plus - it saves you money! How do we know? Well for one we've been supplying ESD matting since 1992 and secondly we TEST all of our mats to not only electrical resistance but to charge generation and charge decay using NIST compliance lab grade test equipment.  Let our expertise help you. Feel free to contact us and share your needs - we'll point you in the direction of the PERFECT mat for your needs!