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ElectraWear Full Length

ESD Lab Coats for Mission Critical Static Control

TriLayer ESD Bench Mat ELIMINATES Static ElectricityOutstanding Static Control Properties!

FREE SHIPPING on Rolls of this ESD Mat MaterialClass 1000 Clean Room Compliant!

for mission critical esd control areasPerfect for ALL mission critical static control areas!

use with or without ground cordMay be used with or without ground cord!

Compliant to MIL, JEDC and ANSI ReceomendationsNon shedding for clean assemblies.

Pass ISO audits with easeLight weight yet indestructible!


Cross Hatch Conductive Polypropelene esd smock materialCross Hatch 96% polyester with a 4% carbon monofilament controls and eliminates static charges. This static control lab coat meets the latest ANSI ESD and JEDEC standards for a groundable static control garment!  Excellent for use in clean rooms. Perfect for use in all mission critical ESD control areas!



ElectraWear ESD Full Length Lab Coat: Outstanding conductivity for exceptional static control properties. 96% polyester, 4% carbon suffused nylon. Precision alignment of sleeves and side panels provides excellent sleeve to sleeve and panel to panel throughput of static charges to ground. Provided with 4 mm side mount auxiliary ground snaps these smocks may be used with or without the optional smock ground cord.


OUTSTANDING Color selection! Click here to view available colors.


Outstanding price and VALUE. Good air permeability, VERY light weight but indestructible and stain resistant. Class 10,000 and above clean room compliant fabric is standard but this smock is also available in a CLASS 100 Clean Room Fabric! An excellent choice for use use in any environment.


Self adjusting elastic cuffs standard, snap cuffs available as an option but minimums may apply, Snap front closure standard. 96% Polyester with 4% advanced carbon cross hatch fiber, indestructible and stain resistant! Popular and professional! Full length with side pockets.

Click for Large Photo

CONDUCTIVITY:  ElectraWear Static Conductive Smocks are designed for fast, thorough and complete elimination of user induced static charges. The garments are ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 TR-53 test friendly. When used without the optional ground cord these garments are compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 STM2.1, "static control garment". When grounded using the optional smock ground cord they are compliant to ANSI/ESD STM2.1, "groundable static control garment and static control garment system."

Typical electrical resistance of this garment, human body and standard smock ground cord: 2.42E06 @ 29.3rH and 70 degrees F. Typical panel to panel and sleeve to sleeve resistance: 2.48E06 @ 29.3%rH and 70 degrees F. For this same style garment with LESS conductivity please click here.

DESCRIPTION: Self adjusting elastic cuffs standard, snap cuffs available as an option (with a 60 piece minimum). Snap front closure standard. 96% Polyester with 4% advanced carbon monofilament. Popular and professional! Full length, side pockets, ID badge holder loop on breast panel. Pin holder on sleeve. ElectraWear conductive lab coats are compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 STM2.1, "static control garment, groundable static control garment and groundable static control garment system." These ESD Lab Coats are TR-53 test friendly. Crisp White and Sky Blue colors standard, MULTIPLE colors available (minimums may apply).

AVAILABILITY: Typical lead time is approximately 8 weeks. Outstanding color selection.

PRICE: $23.99 up to 2XL. Only $3.00 more for sizes 3X to 5X.

These smocks require a 30 piece minimum for the standard material and a 60 piece minimum for the clean room fabric (single color but all sizes combined). They require an 12 to 20 week lead time.  Please DO NOT place your order on the cart for smaller amounts or if you require them faster. The cart will accept smaller quantities but WE CAN NOT ACCEPT YOUR ORDER and the refund will tie up your funds due to processing times. If you agree with these terms please proceed to the shopping cart to make your purchase.


PART NUMBER: EWFLC (followed by size and color)

Click Here for Fiber Specifications, Warranty, Available Colors, Options in Clean Room Fabrics, Cleaning Instructions and Sizes Chart


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