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 ESD Wrist Straps / ESD Heel Straps

OPTIONS in ESD Straps for Static Control  

We Challenge You to Find Better ESD Wrist and Heel Straps at Twice the Price!

Why use ESD Wrist and Heel Straps? Great Question!

All ESD straps are NOT created equal! THESE straps are professional grade and achieve the perfect balance of price, longevity, performance and TOTAL compliance to the newest ANSI ESD or DOD standards. Manufacturing efficiency and VERY high volume purchasing power allow our client's to enjoy The Webs Best Pricing on these quality, long wearing, high performance ESD wrist and heel straps!

USC108: ESD Wrist Strap1) The Most Popular ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation! This professional grade ESD wrist strap assembly (cord and strap) strikes the perfect balance between cost, longevity and performance! Easily adjustable, static conductive elastic band, full 360 degree contact. Heavy duty 3/8 (10 mm) ground snaps. 6' or 12' cord lengths. Always in stock! The Best Price in the Nation on this Quality ESD Wrist Strap GUARANTEED! Now as low as $2.85 each

Top Seller! PN-USC108 AS esd wrist strap bullet


 ESD Gel Straps, Easy to sanitize, Very Comfortable2) The Most Popular Thermoplastic ESD Gel Strap in the Nation! 100% ESD Compliant! Extremely comfortable, easy to sanitize and long lasting. 100% hypoallergenic silicon rubber. Unlike cloth and elastic straps that may shed fibers as they age these silicon straps are extremely clean - in fact SO clean that they may be used in clean room environments. A heavy duty blue ground cord is included at NO CHARGE with each strap. Available in three outstanding colors and one size fits all. Now only $3.49 each! Top Seller! PN: US-0404 followed by color WS-1020 Static Solutions esd wrist strap icon


Metal Band ESD Wrist Strap in Colorado3) The Most Popular Metal Band ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation! Professional Grade, quality, performance. longevity and value! Scratch resistant link caps for added safety and resistance to non controlled discharge. Easily compliant, 5' or 10' cord. The BEST Price in the Nation on metal band wrist straps GUARANTEED! $5.38 each PN: SI-109 metal band wrist strap icon

Dual Wire Wrist Straps for 3m and Desco Constant monitors

4) The Most Popular Dual Cord ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation! PN:SI-108 Works GREAT with a variety of 3M and Desco constant monitors. Easily adjustable elastic band, stainless steel contact plates, heavy duty snaps, 360 degree conductivity! 5' or 10' cord. Easily compliant to the latest standards! The BEST Price in the Nation on Dual Wire ESD Wrist Straps GUARANTEED! SPECIAL OF THE MONTH! Now just $5.10 each! PN: SI-108 dual wire wrist strap for 3m and desco constant monitors icon


5) The WS-1020 is a top of the line elastic band ESD wrist strap that's made in America and ready to go to work! The 1020 feature an adjustable elastic band, 360 degree conductivity, heavy duty 3/8 (10mm) snap, patented unique static dissipative cord reduces static generation.

The 1020 is available in Blue. Easily compliant. The best price in the nation on the WS-1020 GUARANTEED! $7.80 each! Top Seller! PN: WS-1020 WS-1020 Static Solutions esd wrist strap icon


WS-1037 esd wrist strap photo6) The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat WS-1037 PREMIUM grade! Smooth operating expansion links provide a comfortable non pinch fit. Available in small, medium and large with a quick disconnect buckle for easy deployment. Patented static dissipative cord assembly reduces tribo electrification! Clean room compatible. Heavy Duty, made in the USA and ready to go to work! The best price in the nation on the WS-1037 GUARANTEED! Now Only $21.32 each! PN: WS-1037 WS-1037 Static Solutions Wrist Strap Icon


ESD heel strap in California icon7) The most popular ESD Heel Strap in the Nation These ESD heel straps have earned their stripes as THE most popular heel strap in the nation! Considered by many to EXCEED the quality of straps provided by the high overhead big boys. Outstanding longevity in concert with flawless electrical performance that won't disappoint when critical static control protection or an ESD audit is a must. $2.93 each. PN:109-AS Top Seller! THE Most Popular ESD Heel Strap in the Nation!


Lime Green or Bright Blue ESD Heel Grounder CO photos8) Lime Green or Iridescent Blue Quick Release Heel Grounder These quick release heel straps compare in quality to similar models offered by the high overhead big boys at $9.78 Each! The Nations most popular Quick release! Special of the Month Pricing! As low as $3.09 each! PN: SI-211 Top Seller! Lime Green or Bright Blue Quick Release ESD Heel Strap photo


SI-201Y-9077BTI ESD Heel Strap9) Non Marring , BRIGHT color, Velcro Fastener These heel straps make it easy to see who is wearing them and who is NOT! They do not mar shoes and most ESD Floors. Velcro fastener for FAST easy application. In stock and ready to ship. GREAT price! As low as $2.49 each! PN: SI-201Y-9077BTI Top Seller! Lime Green or Bright Blue Quick Release ESD Heel Strap photo


Static Solution PN:FG-7020 esd heel strap icon10) The Static Solutions FG-7020 features an easy to adjust Florescent green/yellow elastic hook and loop closure system. Manufactured from non smudging materials AND (like all of our heel straps and shoe grounders these straps meet the latest standards for static control and contain a built in 1 meg ohm resistor for added safety. Guaranteed lowest price in the nation! $5.84 each. PN: FG-7020. Static Solutions FG-7020 ESD Heel Strap Icon


Disposable Heel Grounder Boston icon11) Disposable esd heel straps are perfect for visitors and fit any style of shoe (not recommended for boots. They are easy to use, compliant to the latest standards and test well on esd heel strap testers. One disposable is recommended for each foot. Available in sheets of 50 (5 sheets of 10 straps). High quality, in stock and ready to ship at THE most aggressive price in the industry. 50 straps each, Now only $18.99 PN: 109-AS Disposable. Disposable! ESD Heel Straps for Static Control!


Full sole esd shoe grounders_PREMIUM Static Control12) Full sole! These professional grade esd sole grounders feature ultimate contact surface for mission critical static control. As fast and as easy as putting on a standard esd heel strap. Non scuffing, ultimate charge decay even for seated technicians! Compare to our competition at $17.00 each! Available in multiple sizes. Now Only $7.99 each. PN:SI-237 Full Sole! ESD Foot Grounders!


Lucky 13 D Ring Style ESD Shoe Grounder photo NEW!13) The Lucky 13 ESD Shoe grounder features an advanced D ring elastic strap tensioner for length with a Velcro adjustment over the toe. High Visibility! Easy on and easy off. Heavy weight construction, 1 meg safety resistor, fits virtually every shoe and boot that we've seen! Premium static control. $4.99 each, generous quantity discounts. Top Seller! PN: SI-203C The Lucky 13 ESD Shoe Grounder


Military grade Wellco boot with esd shoe grounde ricon14) Our slip on shoe grounder features a self adjusting elastic that sets the strap's tension. Industrial black, non scuffing. Industrial Strength! RoHS compliant, anti-slip, high traction, contains 1 meg safety resistor. Suited for a variety of footwear from dress shoes to Military style boots, easily compliant to the latest standards. Outstanding Value, Outstanding Static Control! $4.99 each, quantity discounts available. PN:SI-203A Top Seller! Static Foot Grounders for Military Style Boots and More!


High Visibility ESD Shoe Grounder photo NEW15) Bright Red! High visibility ESD shoe grounder makes it easy to see who's protected. Velcro adjustment for over the toe, self adjusting elastic for shoe length. Easy to use! Perfect for all shoe type including women's high heels! Easily compliant to the latest ANSI, ESD, DOD Standards. Premium static control! $4.99 each, quantity discounts. PN: SI-203B High Visibility! Bright Red ESD Shoe Strap icon


Click and Lock ESD Shoe Grounder Photo NEW16) Click and Lock bright red shoe grounder with Velcro adjustment for over the toe tension. Easy on easy off. Fits multiple type of shoes. Easily compliant to DOD, ANSI, JEDC, MIL standards. RoHS compliant. 1 meg safety resistor standard. Premium static control protection, outstanding Value! $4.99 each, quantity discounts available. PN: SI-203D Click and Lock ESD Foot Grounder!



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