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ESD Tile Options and Prices

ESD Tile Options. Proven Performers at a Realistic Cost!

Prices from $4.93 per square foot to Interlocking Tiles at $10.50 PSF Delivered!

12" x 12", 24" X 24", Interlocking ESD Tile, Peel and Sticks!

ElectraTile, Forbo, VPI and More!


Our Tiles handle chair caster traffic, forklift's, pallet jacks and carts and NEVER fail ESD Audits.


Our ESD Tile selections have been around the block! The following selections are time tested with millions of square feet successfully performing after 25 years of hard, robust service!

They are easy to maintain, do not require ESD wax and provide permanent static control protection at any humidity level.

Unlike typical "construction grade" tiles the following selections won't break, shatter or delaminate under heavy loads.


When you think ESD Tiles THINK United Static Control Products!

New! ESD Tile Quality Explained


esd tile over liquid conductive adhesive photoE-Tile ESD Tile BulletElectraTile ESD Tile - Value oriented yet ISO manufactured to THE highest of quality standards. ElectraTile is compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards. ElectraTile is micro finished for a low to NO maintenance high shine. ElectraTile features extremely accurate dimensional stability and are truly square for a near seamless installation. ElectraTile is IN STOCK.

Top Seller!  $287.36 per Carton

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!

45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton (only $6.39 Per Square Foot).

Compare to our Armstrong SDT at $10.50 PSF! ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button



Titanium series antistatic ESD conductive floor tile photo

2'x2' ESD TileElectraFloor Titanium Series Mission Critical ESD Floor Tiles - 2' x 2' for Easy, FAST install! 20 year Wear Warranty and Award winning aesthetics! Fully conductive backing for Ultimate Static Control Properties. Titanium is easily compliant to the latest ANSI 20.20 and NFPA 484 standards. It's slip resistant and indestructible!  An industry exclusive ONLY from United SCP!

Top Seller!  $295.80 per Carton

THE Best Pricing in the Nation for a 2' x 2' ESD Tile!

15 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton (only $4.93 Per Square Foot).

Compare to our Armstrong SDT at $10.50 per SF! ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button


New! ESD Interlocking Tile Photo

 Interlocking ESD TilesElectraLock ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles - Sometimes installing ESD tile can be SUCH a hassle! Not SO with ElectraLock! ElectraLock is for use in covering ANY type of hard surface flooring! Saves the cost and disruption of tearing out old flooring or prepping the concrete! No Adhesive Required! MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20.2021!

Top Seller!  $374.99 per Carton

10 ea 24.02 x 24.02 inch tiles per carton (tooth to tooth).

37.5 square feet per carton (only $9.99 Per Square Foot).

Compare to our Competition at $25.72 per square foot! ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button


ESD chair mat for use over carpet or hard surface flooringNEW and Hot: Preconfigured ESD Floors! We started out building these as mats but are now up to building structures as wide as 16' and as long as 25 feet! The edges of the interlockers are cut straight. The tiles are numbered for easy reassemble. No adhesive, no headaches and pretested for EASY compliance to the latest standards.


Interlocking ESD Flooring install over carpet or hard surfacesInterlocking ESD TilesElectraTough Interlocking ESD floor tiles  No Adhesive Required! Perfect for odor free installation on concrete, wood, epoxy, laminates and even thin pile carpeting! Indestructible esd protection that meets the latest ANSI ESD S20.20, 97.1 standards. ElectraTough handles chair caster and cart traffic with ease. Fast installation (simply click them together). Structures can be built to any length or width.

FREE SHIPPING Free Shippng of ESD Mats

2' x 2' Center Tiles: $42.00 each (less than $10.50 psf delivered)

1" x 2' End Tiles: $25.50 each, 1' x 2' corner tiles: $31.50 each. ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button



antistatic floor tile installation, semi valley ca photoForbo Colorex BulletForbo ESD Tiles - Forbo Colorex ESD control Vinyl Tiles are a premier, time tested SOLUTION for achieving optimum static control performance. Colorex is available in Static Dissipative AND Static Conductive. Forbo Industries is a known world wide for quality and Forbo Colorex EC and SD never let you down in a critical ESD audit scenario. 2' X 2' Tiles!

FREE SHIPPING Free Shippng of ESD Mats

$469.67 per Carton (static dissipative)

14 ea 24.2" ' x 24.2" tiles (56.94 sf) per carton ($8.25 Per Square Foot).

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!  ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button



VPI installed in clean room electronic manufacturing environmentVPI Conductile bulletVPI ESD Tile - VPI Statmate & Conductile Tiles are easily one of the highest quality longest lasting tiles on the market. They feature an outstanding high gloss finish that is extremely attractive and durable. These tiles provide excellent dimensional stability and extensive color selections. INCLUDES Adhesive.

45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton

1 thru 67 cartons - $318.60 per carton

68 thru 222 cartons - $278.40 per carton  ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button



Forbo Colorex BulletPeel and Stick ESD Tiles - an Industry Exclusive with patents pending. These tiles feature a unique peel and stick adhesive and are for use over any type of hard surface substrate. PERFECT for portable labs with steel flooring.

Single Tiles at $39.00 each (only $9.75 PSF) ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button

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