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Essential ESD Test Instruments

Rocket Science? Hardly. Important for your ESD Program? Absolutely! ESD test equipment is used to verify the performance of items used in an ESD area or test for the susceptibility of damage from an electrostatic event to a device or component. ESD test equipment may be used to measure a static "event" (a discharge) or to measure static voltages or polarities. It may be used to time how long it takes for an electrostatic charge to dissipate to ground or test the effectiveness and performance of an ionized charge in dissipating a static potential.

United has assembled the most popular equipment and provides it to our clients at rock bottom pricing. Unlike many sources United uses much of the following equipment on a daily basis. We understand the importance of value in concert with compliance and having reliable equipment that is robust, accurate and won't let you down in a sophisticated ESD audit situation.


Static Solutions FM-1126 ESD Field Meter, Locate the Static Charge and Neutralize it!  Advanced Testing of Static Voltages, Polarity and Ion Balance


ESD Field Meter Test Static Voltages, Polarity and Ion BalanceStatic Solutions FM-1126 ESD Field Meter: Use this device to locate the perfect placement for an ESD ionizer. Test the accumulated static charge on ANY insulative item including plastic, conveyer belts and even the technician's clothing! This easy to use tool is invaluable for ALL ESD programs. The FM-1126 is compliant with ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 and many other popular standards. The device includes an ion balance plate, grounding cable, soft shell case and NIST approved calibration documents. Made in the USA! See this Static Field Meter in Action and learn how an ESD smock shields sensitive electronics in this 2 minute video!


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The RT-1000 is an advanced electrical resistivity test kit used for measuring the electrical conductance of ESD flooring, ESD floor mats, ESD table top matting, chairs, carts, coatings and even ESD wrist and heel straps.

esd resistance tester for table top matting, esd flooring and moreTesting the electrical conductance of static control items like smocks, flooring etc is critical for ESD control. Why? The conductivity is what takes the static charge to ground and neutralizes it! Unlike old school analog test equipment the RT1000 has a digital readout the breaks down decades! This is hugely important when going for compliance.

The RT-1000 is NIST traceable & made in the USA!


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The RT-2000  is a kit designed for professionally auditing ESD protected work areas for compliance to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards.

The RT-2000 includes the NIST Certified RT 1000 precision electrical resistance /  environmental temp and humidity tester, 2 each industry compliant 2.5" 5 pound electrodes, garment clips, a chair caster test plate and an FM-1126 ESD field meter. Easily measure electrical conductance of ESD flooring, work surfaces, ESD floor finish, heel straps, wrist straps and more. Accurately measure electrostatic generation, polarity and ionic balance. Digital readouts provide the utmost in accurate repeatable results. NIST traceable, made in America and built to Last!

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CT-8720 (just the meter, for testing wrist straps).

CT-8725 (wall mounted meter & footplate) wrist / heel straps).

CT-8700 (meter, heavy duty stand & footplate) wrist / heel straps).

Static Solutions CT-87XX Series ESD Wrist Strap / Heel Strap Tester: ESD Wrist and Heel Straps are often the first line of defense in controlling ESD. Most programs require frequent testing of these items. The CT-87XX Series tester provides fast complete results with one press of the button. Pass / Fail results are easy to comprehend and impossible to miss. These units are NIST certified and in full conformance with ANSI ESD S20.20, European EN as well as DIN standards and specifications.


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ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester LOGS Results! The CT-8900 provides Flawless PAPERLESS Compliance Tracking for Your ESD Program! Eliminates log books and Cheating!

CT-8900 It's a Problem and it Happens Every Day! 

Technicians stand in line waiting to test their heel straps and wrist straps. They're late, under the gun and already stressed. "Just great! Now my heel straps failed." They think to themselves "I'll change them out when I have more time" - they sign the log and are off to building potentially compromised product.

The Solution: The Ohm-Stat CT-8900!

Today over 100,000 technicians located in the U.S.A. and Worldwide will test using the CT-8900! It's refined time tested technology guarantees accurate compliance tracking with No Cheating Allowed. Whether your needs are for a single test station or multiple networked stations Static Solutions has you covered! 

Prices starting at $1,351.24

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The RT-500 mini megger is used to test surface resistivity and resistance to ground. Proof Positive that Great Things CAN Come in Small Packages.

RT-500 test electrical resistanceThe RT-500 measures surface resistivity via the unit's built in parallel electrodes or plug in the optional 5 pound 2.5" electrodes for compliance testing of ESD flooring mats etc.

May be used to test shoes, heel grounders, ESD smocks and wrist straps with optional accessories. The RT-500 reports results in decades using a LED decade readout.

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The SI-502 is an economical wall mounted ESD wrist and heel strap tester. Each unit includes three years of free calibration testing (clients are responsible for shipping cost). Professional Grade at a Realistic Cost! In stock and ready to ship.

Wall Mount ESD Wrist Strap and Heel Strap TesterThe SI-502 ESD wrist and Heel Strap Tester strikes the perfect balance between cost, performance and longevity.

The tester features an easy to comprehend Hi-Fail / Low-Fail / Pass set of LED readouts and a built in audio signal that quickly lets the technician know their test is complete and their straps are compliance.

This unit is provided with a convenient wall mount holder that explains how to use the test station and a Heavy Duty dual metal footplate.

NOW just $249.95 Each!

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The SI-501 Measures the conductivity and continuity of ESD wrist Straps in combination with the technician that is wearing the strap. It's economical, easy to understand, dependable and each unit includes 3 years of free recalibration (client responsible for shipping).

Portable ESD Wrist Strap TesterThis robust yet small tester features an easy to comprehend set of LED readouts and a built in audio signal that quickly lets the technician know that their test is complete and their strap is in compliance.

Triple inputs handle multiple types of single conductor (standard) wrist strap ground terminations.

Test the wrist strapand the conductivity of the technicianís skin in one fast easy to comprehend push of a button. THREE Years worth of free compliance calibration included at no charge with your order.

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