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Mission Critical ESD Carpet Tiles

 In Stock! 2' x 2' Tiles with NO Minimums, Major ISO Approved Manufacturer, Outstanding Warranty and Quick Ship!


UltraTech II ESD Carpet Tile

Give your Technicians the Comfort they Deserve.

Give your ESD Sensitive Products the Static Control they Demand!


Make no Mistake! ESD Carpet Tiles can provide flawless static control properties that are easily compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards.


Some ESD carpet has 4 inch rows of static conductive fibers interspersed with rows that are non conductive. Not So with carpet from United Static Control Products. We provide conductive fibers in each and every yarn bundle for the utmost in consistent readings and dependable static control across the entire surface! Our tiles are chair caster friendly and provide flawless combination resistance values when used in concert with ESD casters, drag chains and personnel in ESD Heel Straps. They provide outstanding sound deadening capabilities, are easy to maintain, almost impossible to stain and Never EVER fail the most sophisticated of ESD Audits!


ESD carpet tiles, Refinery command center CA photostatic dissipative carpet tile iconUltraTech II ESD Carpet Tiles - 22 ounce face weight. Beautiful directional texture and patterns provide the look of finely crafted broadloom in an easy to install tile. Made in the U.S.A. Fully compliant to the latest ANSI/ESD/FAA standards. In Stock and ready to ship.


Special of the Month!

$261.32 per Carton ($5.45 PSF)

12 each 2' X 2' tiles per carton (48 square feet per carton)

Top Seller! Guaranteed Best Online Pricing in the U.S.A.




FAA and Server Room Carpet PhotoFAA approved carpet tilesFAA Series ESD Control Carpet Tiles - These 24 ounce carpet tiles are a favorite of the FAA. Lifetime warranty on static control performance. In stock, ready to ship and Made in the U.S.A

$274.12 per carton

12 ea. 2' X 2' tiles per carton

Guaranteed best pricing in the U.S.A.




esd carpet but LOOKS outstanding iconnon directional static dissipative carpet tilesCircuit CG ESD Carpet Tiles - Award Winning Design Pattern hides wear, stains and dirt. Eliminates dye lot issues. Lifetime warranty on static control performance. Easily conforms to THE latest  ANSI / ESD / FAA Standards. Made in the U.S.A


$304.58 per carton

12 ea. 2' X 2' tiles per carton

Guaranteed best pricing in the U.S.A.



ESD Broadloom Carpeting PhotoBroadloom ESD CarpetElectraDyne Series 3000 Broadloom and Carpet Tiles - Industrial Strength. The toughest most robust and wear resistant carpeting in the World. Excellent for factory flooring. Permanenet static control properties that are complaint to the latest standards. Only available from United SCP


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