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.ElectraFlow  G-4000

Hand Held and Industrial Strength!

Static Eliminating Air Blower / Anti Static Air Gun


Our G-4000 is a light weight yet robust and powerful handheld point-of-use esd ionizer / static control air blower.  This ionizer works in concert with clean compressed air to neutralize and remove static charged particulate making it easy to blow parts clean and control particle reattachment. The G-4000 is perfect for providing a focused, controllable, cleansing and ionizing air stream to sensitive and delicate objects as well as larger assemblies and areas where electrostatic attraction causes contamination or handling problems. The G4000 is very popular for use with delicate electronic and medical device manufacturing yet so well built it can handle the non stop demands of assembly lines, pre paint applications and more. 


static control air gun, anti static air blower and transformer photo

Static Control Air GunLight weight yet robust, easy to control.

ESD air blowerFast discharge time.

Static Control Air BlowerWorks with clean water free, filtered air!

long life, low maintenance esd air gunEconomical yet long lasting powerful performance.

long life, low maintenance esd air gunEasy to operate, safe and easy to maintain.

Complete with generous 3 meter power cable / hose Gun pre wired to power unit for fast deployment.

TV StaticGenerous 6 foot cable for added mobility!

Meets latest specificationsThe G 4000 meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S 20.20- 2014 tested in accordance with STM3.3.


G-4000 Hand Held Static Control Air Gun


Price: $558.88 ea

Free Shipping (Continental USA Only and details apply)




Input Voltage

4.0 KV

Current Consumption


Operating Temperature

0 ~50c

Weight with gun, power supply and hoses

11 pounds

High Voltage Cable

6 foot standard

Air Pressure

15-100 psi

Air Velocity

10m / sec


Decay Test Results

Testing Conditions: Operating Voltage @ 4.0KV, Testing Voltage @ 5KV to 500V, Temperature @ 22oC, air pressure 25 PSI

Effective distance of operation: up to 600 mm           


300 mm

Decay Time

Positive (+)



Negative (-)


Air supply requirements: clean dry air at 15 to 100 PSI.

Air supply connection: Gun body accepts 1/4" OD or 6X4 mm Tubing

Approximate weight: 0.275 Kgs. (9.70 ounces), gun only (less cable).

Click here for Installation Overview


How Does the G-4000 Work? The G-4000 power supply transforms standard 120VAC power into a very high voltage (4 KV) Alternating Current. This high voltage oscillating charge is directly coupled to the emitter pin (the electrode) located in the gun body nozzle. The outer portion of the nozzle is grounded via the high voltage cable. A current flows from the pin to the earthed nozzle producing a cloud of negative and positive ions. When the trigger is pressed a stream of compressed air passes thru this cloud, ionizing the air and neutralizing the static charge on an item placed in the stream.


Operating Procedure Overview: (see installation overview and manual for full details): The G-4000 is not intended for use around flammable materials and solvents.  Attach yellow ground cable to power supply, attach high voltage cable from gun handle to high voltage power supply. Attach air line (included with your order) to gun handle, attach opposite end of air supply hose to filtered compressed air. Plug unit into AC electrical. The instrument is now ready for operation.  For optimum operation clean the part with the nozzle held as close to the part as possible (without touching).  Pull the unit away from the part to a distance of 200-300 mm (8 to 12 inches) and lightly mist the part for a period of approximately 3 seconds.  When handling the gun grasp only the gun body to prevent undue strain on the cable assembly.


Maintenance: Keep the gun clean and free from oil, water and particle contamination. Use air drying and cleansing filter regulator with 5 micron filtration. Ensure that all connections, pipe work and filter regulators will allow minimum 15 PSI (revised from CFM on 09/18/14) of air flow. Clean and purge filter regulators periodically and check for Contamination in the air delivery pipes and hoses.  From time to time remove the front nozzle cap by unscrewing counter-clockwise. NOTE: Disconnect power supply from120VAC and disconnect gun hose assembly from H. V. electric supply before removing the nozzle cap. Clean around the electrode pin with a pipe cleaner or cylindrical soft brass brush. Clean air may be used to blow out debris. Ensure the plastic inner lining is free from grey or black carbonized residue. The point of the electrode pin can be cleaned by pushing a new clean pencil end eraser on to the electrode pin and rotating. Blow out the loose debris and re-fit the nozzle cap before re-connecting the high voltage supply and operating the unit.


NOTE: Do not attempt to scrape the point of the emitter pin with any hard or sharp object. The emitter pin must remain as sharp as possible for optimum operation. Replacement emitter points are available from United SCP. Typical emitter point life is 3 years with clean dry air. Compromised compressed air may shorten the emitter life.


Standard Power Supply Overview: The G 4000 power supply is intended exclusively for use with the G 4000 ionizer.  The G 4000 power supply is a single phase unit that operates with an output voltage of 4kV (+/- 7%).  Like many ionizer power sources a high voltage failure detection circuit is not Incorporated into the power unit in order to provide optimum, uninterrupted performance. High voltage output is not interrupted in abnormal conditions such as short circuiting or sparking. To avoid abnormal conditions and  premature wear of ionizer components and insulation, a regular inspection and maintenance regime is recommended. The G 4000 power supply is designed for single loading (1 unit per ionizer) and is provided with an indicator lamp and on off switch.






0.2 Amp

165 x 103 x 115 mm (6.500 x 4.060 x 4.53 inches

9 Lbs



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