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Diamond Plate ESD Floor Mat

Meets S20.20-2021, 97.1 & 97.2

New! Free Floor mat ground cord included with each precut floor mat! New! Free shipping on rolls of this ESD Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A.

Perfect for mission critical static controlMEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-2021

FREE SHIPPING on Rolls of this ESD Mat Material3 or 4 Feet Wide and up to 75 feet long!

precut sizes - full rollsPrecuts or Rolls - We can cut to ANY Size!

Indestructible ESD Floor MatIndestructible! Permanent conductivity!

slip resistant esd floor matting rollsSlip Resistant and Comfortable!

Passes ANY esd auditDependable Performance PASSES audits!

Superb static decayPerfect for Mission Critical ESD Control Areas!


Diamond Plate ESD Floor Mat Photo

Diamond Plate ESD Floor Matting


Our Diamond Plate Slip Resistant ESD Floor Mats feature a pure, homogenous calendared vinyl for the utmost in ESD (static control) performance.

This robust, textured material  is highly resistant to abrasion, tears and cracking.  It is recommended for hard surface substrates such as ESD Vinyl, VCT and Concrete (not recommended for use on carpet).

This diamond plate static control matting will provide years worth of static control protection without fading or leaving residue on your existing floor.

Our diamond plate ESD floor mats easily passes the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 Standards for ESD flooring with a charge generation well below 100 volts (average generation 2.3 volts) and a resistance to ground of well below 1.0E09.

Diamond Plate Texture

Slip Resistant and Static Conductive

For Mission Critical ESD Control

  • Corrugated surface for slip resistance and even footing

  • Excellent abrasion resistance, permanent conductivity

  • Resistant to cuts, tears, impact,

  • Resistant to ozone damage, fire and most chemicals

  • Will not leave a mark on existing floors

  • Easy to clean, sweep or hose off

  • Vinyl composition ensures years of durable use.

  • Ideal for protecting large floor space in heavy use areas.

  • Not recommended for use on carpeting.


Color: Black

Size: 5/32” x (3’or 4') x 75’

Availability: Rolls AND Pre Cuts!



PTP: <1.0E06

RTG: <1.0E06



<25 volts max, average 2.3 volts+ (passing is <100 volts)


Heavy Duty Diamond Plate ESD Floor Mat
Part Number: 194-AS

Please Note: Allow 2 weeks for us to ship this material



3' x 75'


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4' x 75'



PRE CUT MAT KITS (includes floor mat ground cords). 

3' x 4'


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3' x 5'


3' x 6'


3' x 8'


3' x 10'


4' x 4'


4' x 5'


4' x 6'


4' x 8'


4' x 10'


4' x 15'



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