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THE most Sophisticated ESD Chair Mat in the Industry! We challenge you to find an ESD floor mat with lower Tribocharging characteristics! For Covering Hard Surface Flooring (tiles, epoxy, concrete etc.) and thin pile direct glue down carpeting.

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ESD chair mat for hard surface floors

Chair casters grind dirt, wire clippings even nuts and bolts deep into unprotected hard surface floors (including concrete and epoxy)  Results - Unsightly scratches, gouges and electrically insulative DIRT. The problem is compounded in static sensitive manufacturing by the need for advanced control of electrostatic discharge.


Not only must the mat protect the flooring, it must provide unparalleled electrical conductivity in order to dissipate the electrostatic potential generated by the contact and separation of the chair casters rolling on the matting (or the technician walking on the mat).


Prior to the new standards, antistatic floor mats merely had to provide an electrical resistance to ground in the very high static dissipative range. Voltage generation was not part of the equation. But with today's new requirements the esd flooring (or floor mat) MUST achieve superior static control properties. Why the changes?  Today's sophisticated components are simply too susceptible to static damage from even a low voltage electrostatic discharge.

All Clear Anti Static Chair Mats FAIL the latest standards!

Clear Chair Mats and most ordinary anti-static mats rely on the ambient humidity in the environment to render the mats even slightly conductive.

THIS popular antistatic chair mat fails ANSI ESD S20.20-2007

When the humidity is high (>60% rH) they sometimes meet the old specifications for electrical conductivity BUT when the humidity drops they become electrically insulative and the static generation goes through the roof!


Electrical Conductivity is what takes a static charge to ground!


Does this popular antistatic mat we show in the graph really work? NO! A piece of dry wood is more conductive than this floor mat AND it's not even close to being sophisticated enough to comply with the latest requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 or the NFPA-484 standards that are used in electronic and additive manufacturing.


40220-HSB's are truly THE portable ESD Floor for your workstation! Easily compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 and NFPA-484 Standards for static control. An excellent choice for use with or without drag chains in ALL mission Critical Environments! Our UltraStatic Control Chair mats are custom manufactured using our Titanium static control esd flooring sheet vinyl.  This material features an unbelievably hard wear resistant top surface laminated to a full surface static conductive backing and provides ULTIMATE static conductivity in all environments and at all humidity levels.


Titanium tough yet THIN esd floor matTitanium Tough but thin for reduced tripping hazards

compliant to ANSI standardsPermanent or temporary ESD safe workstation mat

TV StaticMEETS the latest ANSI/ESD and NFPA 484 standards

ISO recomendedPasses ISO and all ESD Audits with ease

ESD conductive chair matTR-53 friendly 

Wear resistant ESD chair matULTIMATE Mission Critical Static Control!

Permanent electrical propertiesLifetime Warranty on Conductivity and Compliance

Certified ESD Compliant Chair MatOptional level 1 calibration and certification paperwork is available for a minor up charge of $35.00 per mat. See data sheet for details


Pale Gray

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Dark Gray

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Electronic Blue

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Clean White

PN: Ti480

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PART NUMBER: 40220 HS-B followed by size and color.

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