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ElectraStrip ESD Floor Finish Remover

Fast Acting and Powerful!

ESD Wax Remover

ElectraStrip ESD Floor Finish Remover Only $34.99 per gallon

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ElectraStrip rapidly dissolves MULTIPLE layers of ESD and non ESD floor finish from flooring allowing (in most applications) for removal without the use of floor machines or stripping pads.

ElectraStrip is formulated almost completely from top quality water miscible solvents. ElectraStrip is designed for the removal of heavy build-ups of today's UHS, urethane fortified and metal cross linked ESD floor finishes.

Application: Dilute 1 gallon of ElectraStrip with 4 to 8 gallons of cold water. Apply stripping solution with a mop, and let it stand for 10 minutes. 


Remove the dissolved finish and solution with a wet vacuum or auto scrubber. Residual dissolved floor finish oils and dirt should be removed by double rinsing or damp mopping with clean cool water. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before applying floor finishes or ElectraGuard. Although ElectraStrip is specifically formulated for use with ESD Floor Finish it also works well on non ESD finishes. HOWEVER ElectraStrip is not recommended for use on Asphalt Tile or older Linoleum Tiles, as it may remove the dye (particularly from dark colored tiles.


Our most popular esd floor iconPowerful, Fast Acting and Thorough!

Our most popular esd floor iconRapidly removes multiple layers of dirt and floor finish!

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Formulated for floor care professionals whose time is at a premium. ElectraStrip contains less than 1% solids at concentration so it leaves no alkaline residue to adversely effect subsequent finish applications of ESD (anti static) floor wax. Routine stripping of three to five layers of ESD finish may be accomplished with nothing more than a mop and wet vacuum.


Typical Coverage / Dilution: For stripping LIGHT coats of finish; 1 gallon of ElectraStrip mixed with 8 gallons of water (this will provide a typical coverage 250 SF per gallon of diluted product). For thicker coats of floor finish mix 1 gallon of ElectraStrip with 4 gallons of water.


Example: 1 gallon of ElectraStrip mixed with 8 gallons of water provides 9 gallons, enough diluted product to strip 2,250 square feet of lightly applied floor finish.




Active Ingredients Water miscible solvents, amine complexes and alcohol ethoxylates



Free Ammonia


Free Alkali


Free Acid







Light Yellow



Solubility in Water


Freeze/Thaw Stability

3 Cycles

Shelf Life

1 Year Minimum

Flash Point

Above 200 F.

Weight Per Gallon

8.8 Lbs



Soil Suspension

Very Good


Health 2
Flammability 0
Reactivity 0
Personal Protection B



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1 gallon: PN; E-Strip 1, $34.99, 10 lbs, Buy Online

1 case (4 x 1 gal. containers), PN; E-Strip 4, $131.00 ea, 40 lbs, Buy Online

5 gallon pail: PN; E-Strip 5, $155.40 ea, weight 45 lbs, Buy Online



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