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Why use ESD Floor Finish on ESD Tile and ESD Epoxy?

ESD floor finish provides protection, fights scuff marks, increases the anti-slip properties and extends the life of your static control floor!


Like you, an ESD floor works hard for its living. Unlike you, your flooring must perform flawlessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week and look great while its doing its job. While it's true that some flooring manufacturers recommend against using a finish, its merely because they haven't had to maintain a floor in a real world manufacturing environment! Past reasons for not using a finish were due to the large increase in resistance levels that other formulations provide. ElectraGlaze is Different! United SCP's ElectraGlaze is specifically designed for use on ALL types of ESD Flooring and provides minimal changes to an ESD floors static control properties. An ESD conductive floor protected with 2 thin coats of our ElectraGlaze is easily compliant with the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards. It's easy to apply, looks great and provides the highest micro-finish of any ESD floor finish in the industry.

It's EASY to see where the ElectraGlaze and it's outstanding PROTECTION Starts! A pencil (and scuff marks) will leave a distinct mark on untreated ESD Tiles! NOT SO with the ElectraGlaze sacrificial coating. Remove scuff marks with a finger instead of Scotch Bright! Two thin coats are all that is needed.

The proper esd floor finish protects esd floors bulletProtects your flooring and reduces maintenance cost.

High tech diamond like gloss for use on all esd flooring materials bulletClean Diamond Like Gloss for ANY esd floor.

Teflon like resistance to dirt and grime bulletScuff marks polish right off!

Reduces the esd floors ability to tribocharge when walking bulletGreatly improves slip resistance for added employee safety!

2 thin coats provide a minimal change to flooring resistivityMinimal modification to electrical resistance.

esd wax seals seams between tiles for easy removal of dust.Seals seams between tiles for easier removal of dust.

ground in dirt is easy to strip from esd floor.Ground in dirt can be easily stripped from floor.

esd wax provides long lasting protection, 1 year is typical bulletLong lasting protection and EASY to recoat.


 Remove scuff marks easily and provide a clean crisp gloss that will make your competition jealous and your clients think WOW!


Before application of ESD Floor Wax After application of ESD Floor Finish




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