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CT-8720 / CT-8700

 ESD Wrist Strap / ESD Heel Strap Tester

Fast! Easy To Comprehend, Made In The USA, Outstanding Value!

The Guaranteed BEST Price in the Nation!*

CT-8720 (combo tester only) $468.75

CT-8725 (combo tester, wall mount & footplate) $559.32

CT-8700: (combo tester, stand, & heavy duty footplate! $647.06!

Static Solutions CT-8720, CT-8725, CT-8700 Buy Online  

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Static electricity can easily build to a relatively high potential on an ungrounded human body.  An uncontrolled discharge of static electricity can cause problems including weakening of micro components causing occasional hard to find glitches or even a catastrophic component failure. ESD wrist straps and esd heel straps are specifically designed to allow the static charge collected by the human body to flow harmlessly to ground.


ESD wrist straps cords can fail mechanically. The resistors in esd heel straps can give up the battle, BUT by far the highest failure mechanism of esd wrist and heel straps is compromised skin to strap contact.  Normal wear and tear causes dirt and debris to alter the conductivity of the strap's contact with the skin. It's a fact! Undetected strap failure or incomplete contact with the body equals compromised product.


CT-8700 ESD Wrist Strap and Heel Strap TesterOur CT 8720 provides fast economical testing of wrist straps. When ordered with either of our optional footplates the basic unit becomes our CT-8725 (thin footplate and wall mount for meter) or our CT-8700 (thick foot plate with a stand that holds the meter). These optional footplates let the basic unit test wrist straps AND esd heel straps (and shoes too) with one simple touch of the test button! All without changing test switches or switching from one foot to the other!


The CT-8700 is our most popular unit for those that need the flexibility of testing wrist straps and heel straps (as most clients like the flexibility of easily moving the unit as their needs change). The CT-8700 is available with a 1000 meg optional upgrade for clients wishing to test to some European standards and is also available with a door opening relay - if your straps don't pass you can't get thru the security doors and into an area.


The test unit individually displays an easy to understand pass or fail result via a LED readout and an audible signal. It's NIST certified and in full conformance with US ANSI S20.20, European EN as well as many DIN standards and specifications.  This high quality ESD testing instrument accepts domestic AND foreign wrist straps, plugs, 4mm or 10mm snaps and even the dual stereo plugs used for 3-M continuous wrist strap monitors. The unit is warranted for a year and comes complete with a calibration sticker and manual. Yearly recalibrations are available at a cost of $45.00


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 TV StaticEasy to use, easy to comprehend!

 TV StaticISO Conformance just test and sign log

 TV StaticAccurate, conforms to CEEC / ANSI / ESD Specs

 TV StaticAvailable with heavy duty stand OR wall mountable

 TV StaticNo switch flipping or foot changing!

 TV StaticAutomatic calibration, adjustable resistivity limits!

 TV StaticNIST certificate included, AC or DC powered!

 TV StaticMeasures from 100 kilo ohms to 100 mega ohms

 TV StaticOptional Measurement to 1,000 mega ohms.



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TV StaticCT-8720 - Combo Tester Only $499.95 USD

TV StaticCT-8725 - Tester with thin footplate (no holes and for wall attachment).  $559.32

TV StaticCT-8700 - Combo Tester with thick footplate (with holes) and foot stand. $647.06

TV StaticCT-8730 - 1000 Meg Upgrade for CT-8700 Tester (includes CT-8700 tester).  $979.95

TV StaticDR-9800 - Optional door opening relay (add to any of the above).  $280.00


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