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ESD Chair Mat for Use on Padded or Thick Carpeting

The portable ESD Floor for your workstation! Lifetime Warranty on Conductivity and Made in the U.S.A!

esd chair mat MEETS latest standards for static control iconClick here to buy this product on line and SAVE!

Click for esd chair mats for use on hard surface flooringClick Here for ESD Chair Mats used in covering HARD SURFACE flooring and thin direct glue down carpeting


REAL static control protection with an electrical resistance that safely allows the combination resistance values of carts, esd chairs and personnel to EASILY pass the latest most stringent standards!

ESD Chair mat MEETS latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standardsThe problem with ordinary anti-static chair mats is they rely on ambient environmental humidity to render the clear plastic material slightly  static conductive.  When the humidity is high (and when you need your mats to work the least) they provide a very slow path for the static electricity to be conducted to ground. 

BUT when the humidity is low (and when you need your mats to work the best) they simply STOP working! In essence they're pretty much electrically insulative, they just don't meet standards for TRUE static control protection NOR do they meet the stringent requirements of the electronic manufacturing industry, sophisticated networked offices or FAA / 911 control centers, labs or mission critical Military operations.

ESD chair mat so robust it can support the weight of a car

So Robust they can support the weight of a CAR over Gravel!


Our UltraStatic Control Chair mats are custom manufactured here in Colorado using our Titanium static conductive (not mere anti static) esd flooring sheet vinyl. This material features an unbelievably hard wear resistant top surface laminated to a full surface conductive backing and provides ULTIMATE permanent static conductivity in all environments and at all humidity levels.

Using our proprietary conductive odor free adhesive we laminate this material to our Green Core S2S Electrically Insulative Engineered Hardboard. The underside of this engineered panel is covered with strips of our exclusive URAS peel and stick adhesive that may be used (if needed) to securely attach the assembly to your existing carpet.

We smooth the edges of the 5/16 thick mat and install pre punched ground snap holes allowing easy placement of our snap and ground cord kit (included with your order) on ANY corner of the mat. Simply attach the end of the ground cord to either the center screw of an AC Face Plate Cover or ground the cord as stated in your esd program manual. Each mat is thoroughly tested to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and Voltage Generations is tested per sophisticated 97.2 prior to shipping the mat to your location.

ESD Chair Mat ArrowPerfect for Mission Critical Static Control!

ESD Chair mats wirh THE most complete static decay in the industry bulletTHE most sophisticated esd flooring in the industry!

Highly Static Conductive ESD Chair Mats iconExcellent for Manufacturing, Labs, Munitions.

Highly Static Conductive ESD Chair Mats iconUltimate Protection - 911 Centers, FAA Control Towers!

ANSI ESD S20.20 compliant with an Resistance to ground of LESS THAN 1.0E06 bulletConforms to the latest most stringent ANSI and DOD ESD standards for ESD flooring

ANSI ESD S20.20 compliant with an Resistance to ground of LESS THAN 1.0E06 bulletPasses ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2 with a charge generation of less than 5 volts!


Pale Gray

PN: Ti481

high resolution

Dark Gray

PN: Ti482

high resolution

Electronic Blue

PN: Ti483

high resolution

Clean White

PN: Ti480

high resolution


NEW: Our Modular ESD Titanium Chair Mat Lip is designed for use with new or pre existing Ultra Static Control Chair Mats. With edge radiuses and a peel and stick backing that is designed to attach the lip to your carpet, this product can be placed on either the length or width of your mat for optimum comfort, esthetics and static control. Order thru sales or select as an option when placing your order on our cart!




This chair mat must be shipped flat (it cannot be rolled). Please Call us for shipping rates. Shipping charges vary according to number of items ordered, the weight of the items and the method of shipping. These chair mats do not qualify for our free shipping program. Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) must ship via motor freight (can not ship via regular UPS or FedEx).


Click here to buy this product on line and SAVE!

Part# 40220C Plus Size and Color

Larger sizes available call for details and pricing.




3' x 4'

24 lbs (UPS calculates at 90 lbs due to girth)


3' x 5'

30 lbs (UPS calculates at 90 lbs due to girth)


3' x 6' *

38 lbs (ships motor freight only)


3' x 7' *

44 lbs *(ships motor freight only)


3' x 8' *

50 lbs *(ships motor freight only)


4' x 5' *

42 lbs *(ships motor freight only)


4' x 6' *

50 lbs *(ships motor freight only)


4' x 7' *

58 lbs *(ships motor freight only)


4' x 8' *

67 lbs *(ships motor freight only)



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