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Mission Critical ESD Floor Tiles

ElectraTile 12" X 12" ESD Tiles for Static Control

A Proven Performer at a realistic cost. ElectraTile is ISO Manufactured and warranted for lifetime static control performance. ElectraTile doesn't require ESD floor finish for its static dissipative properties while its Micro Edged Dimensional Stability provides a seamless appearance. ElectraTile is EASILY compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S 20.20 standards.

New: Know What You're Getting

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ElectraTile 12" x 12" ESD Tile in semiconductor manufacturing

ElectraTile 12" x 12" ESD Floor Tiles

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Static Electricity - specifically, the discharge of static electricity causes numerous problems with sophisticated electronics. ElectraTile ESD flooring is used to eliminate an electrostatic charge utilizing a static control tile in concert with electrically conductive flooring adhesive.

ElectraTile ESD flooring features a high rating for dimensional stability and compressive strength. Unlike many ESD tiles it won't break, flake or degrade when used in conjunction with chairs, forklifts, carts etc.

ElectraTile features a fast yet controlled charge decay that is perfect for numerous applications that require the utmost in static control. ElectraTile's outstanding micro-finish provides a clean, crisp appearance while its superior total composition (devoid of cheap limestone and clay binders) provides unparalleled wear resistance with a > 20 year life expectancy and a Lifetime Warranty on its static control properties.

ElectraTile ESD Tile: THE choice for controlling static in clean rooms, electronic manufacturing, server rooms, repair facilities or anywhere ESD sensitive products are utilized.

The ElectraTile difference:

  • A proven performer at a realistic price

  • MEETS latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards

  • 20 year track record! ISO Manufactured

  • New: Easy to use conductive adhesive

  • Resilient pure vinyl won't flake, break or degrade

  • Lifetime static control performance that is not dependent on humidity or ESD floor finish for the product's conductivity. ElectraTile provides reliable and easy to achieve combination resistance values.

$186.74 per Carton
45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton (only $4.15 Per Square Foot).
Compare to our Armstrong SDT at $6.50 per square foot!
Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!



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