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ElectraFlow  SL-010

ESD Bench Top Ionizer for Static Control, Wide Coverage Horizontal Ionizing Blower


The SL-010 esd bench top ionizer provides a wide, narrowly focused plane of ionized air to control static across a sizable area of an esd bench top surface. This powerful yet easily controllable ionized air stream is PERFECT for electronic assembly and removing the final traces of static from insulative objects and sub assemblies. One of the most popular style esd bench top ionizers in the industry!


Compare this product to the high overhead big boys! They make a great unit and so do we. BUT our SL-010 is higher output, competitively priced, ISO manufactured and higher quality! Call United SCP, save your esd program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality and performance you demand from a reliable supplier with a great ionizer and a proven track record!


This horizontal ESD ionizer is perfect for bench top esd ionization for static control photo


  • Powerful! Up to 190 CFM  WIDE output, an outstanding value!

  • Patented balanced ion output, no calibration required!

  • Tungsten long life emitter. Minimal LOW maintenance!

  • Ion generation lamp, warm air feature with on off function

  • Adjustable high output multi speed blower .

  • Certificate of compliance at no charge with each unit.

  • +/- 10 volt offset voltage balance! No calibration required.

  • Perfect for bench top or mounting under shelves

  • Heavy duty mounting bracket included at no charge!

  • Aluminum alloy housing, powder coated ANTI STATIC finish.

  • CE Certified, fully Warranted and Built to last a lifetime! Includes certificate of compliance. The SL-010 meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S 20.20- 2014 tested in accordance with STM3.1.


SL-010 Bench Top ESD Ionizer

Price: $808.00 ea. Free Shipping (Continental USA Only and details apply)

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Operating Voltage 110V/60Hz standard, 220V/50Hz optional
Current Consumption

Max. 3.30 Amp (high fan). Min.  1.65 Amp (low fan).

Operating Temperature 32o F. - 122o F. (0 ~50°c)
Air Coverage 24" x 48"
Air Volume 45~190 CFM

22" (L) x 10.5" (W) x 5" (H)"

(570mm x 255mm x 125mm)

Weight 19 Lbs (8.6kg)
Finish and casing material Antistatic powder coated aluminum alloy


Decay Test Results

Testing Condition
Operating Voltage: 110V/220V, Testing Voltage: 1kV to 100V, Temperature: 22°c
Distance   300mm 600mm 900mm
Decay time positive 1.2s 2.4s 4.0s
negative 1.2s 2.5s 3.9s
Offset voltage positive

< +/- 10V


Note the following are overviews, please see manual (included with product) for full details.

Installation Overview:


The SL-010 features an attached heavy duty adjustable metal stand with a non marring, non slip base.  The SL-010 may be simply placed on work bench, bolted to the underside of a work bench shelve. The SL-010 may also be bolted to work bench overhead beams using the adjustable mounting stand included with your order.


Electrical Requirements: The SL-010 requires 110VAC /60Hz (standard) or 220VAC / 50Hz (optional) power.  These units must be grounded. The instrument is equipped with a 3 prong grounded US male plug (standard). Do not modify the plug or use an ungrounded 3 prong receptacle. If an extension cord is required use heavy gauge fully grounded cords only.


Operating Procedure: Activate the SL-010 bench top ionizer blower by turning fan speed knob clockwise.  The ionization indicator will illuminate and indicate the presence of ionized air.  Airflow speed can easily be adjusted utilizing the fan speed knob. The time required to neutralize electrostatic potential is dependent on distance of ionizer to work surface and speed of fan. When used in electronic assembly the ionized air stream should cover as much of the working area as possible. The constant flow of ionized air prevents items from developing an electrostatic potential.


Routine Maintenance Overview: Clean emitters as needed. To clean ion emitter points press and turn point cleaner knob (located in middle of air outlet) clockwise approximately one turn and release. Clean air inlet and outlets as needed with a soft brush or vacuum. Vacuum or carefully brush inlets and outlets as needed. Periodically test ion output as indicated by your internal esd program or ANSI/ESD S 20.20-2014, TR53, Air Ionizer Compliance Verification (discharge time and offset voltage).  Offset voltages of >+/- 50 volts or decay times that exceed specification may indicate the need for replacement of emitters.  Normal emitter life is 3 years, replacement emitters are easy to install and available from United SCP.


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