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6) ESD Wrist and Heel Straps

7) ESD Ionizers

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10) ESD Test Equipment

11) ESD Wax and Floor Care

12) ESD Constant Monitors

13) Signs, Tape & Labels

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New static control server room flooring for DFW AirportWelcome to the world of mission critical server room static control! Who does DFW Airport TRUST for 40 floors worth of static control flooring? Why United SCP of course!


United Static Control Products

California's SOURCE for ESD Flooring, ESD Audits, ESD Flooring Certifications, Matting & Accessories


Titanium ESD sheet vinyl installation

ESD Sheet Vinyl over Existing VCT Tiles in San Jose CA Clean Room. Install by United Static Control Products.  

Looking  for a company with EXPERIENCE in the field of ESD Control? United got its start in the late 80's helping develop a unique resistor free static control wick for Aircraft. Our first US and Worldwide patents were for static control products for Televisions and Computers in 1992.


We released our first movies on static control about 1993, started this web site (a year or two before Google's) and began manufacturing our unique ClearView for Televisions and "the UltraStat" for Computers about this time. This was when we learned the hard way about the need for esd control in the manufacturing environment.


United has supplied California with Static Control Products, ESD flooring materials, Installations and Certifications since 1993!


United Specializes in ESD flooring and solutions to Tame the Static Beast! We've installed and certified millions of square feet of esd flooring and are a time tested proven resource for ESD Auditing and Flooring Certifications to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 and D.O.D standards.


At United Your Needs Count!



To the high overhead big boys. Call United SCP, save your esd program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality, service and performance you deserve from a reliable supplier with outstanding products and a proven track record.


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ESD Flooring, Mats, Chemicals, ESD Ionizers, and Expertise

United SCP Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!

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