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ElectraGuard High Velocity

For use with Combustible Metals, Metal Powders and Metal Dust. For use with Munitions, Flammables, Explosives and other Energetics.


Unsealed for OPTIMUM Conductivity with a resistance level that is adjustable on site to achieve minimum conductivity requirements. Nano particulate infused for amorphous PERMANENT Static Conductivity. Non Sparking! Popular for use in achieving Compliance to NFPA 484-2015 (used in 3D printing), DOD 4145.26-M, DA PAM 385-64 (used for energetics and munitions) and many other Mission Critical Static Control Standards. Also used on a multitude of surfaces including standard VCT floor tiles, walls, ceilings, carts and crates. 10 YEAR PLUS LIFE EXPECTANCY! Patented Formulation, ONLY available from United! THE most wear resistant ESD Floor Paint in the Industry! 18 Year track record of use in munitions and energetics. Outstanding VALUE at a cost of around $1.30 PSF. Outlast latex based paint by over 300%.


New Tech Document: ESD Flooring for 3D Printing and Explosives!


Note: for Electronic Manufacturing, Server Farms, Etc please visit ElectraGuard High Gloss with a conductivity designed to meet the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards.


3 D Printer flooring. Flooring for munitions and Explosives

ElectraGuard High Velocity, Alvarado Texas U.S.A.

Installation by United SCP,  click for more Information



Today's reality dictates an increasingly daunting task. To meet the latest NFPA or DOD static control standards and assure your successful manufacturing of static sensitive product esd flooring is a must!


But according to DA PAM 385-64 and many other standards ESD Tiles are not approved for use where potentially explosive  particulate is present due to the seams.


Does it make sense to spend 10.00 per installed square foot for a THICK Set Epoxy?


Most think NOT!


Like you, we understand the importance of your esd flooring. It must be easy to maintain, capable of handling ALL types of traffic, look great and never EVER stop working! It must be realistically priced and in many cases capable of handling concrete vapor emissions that cause other ESD flooring materials to fail miserably.



According to DA PAM 385-64 ESD Tiles are not approved for use where explosive powders and dust are present. Why?


The seams collect the powders and dust and may cause ignition hazards. An ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy floor over a properly prepared substrate is SEAMLESS. ElectraGuard epoxy floor paint is much tougher than mere latex based conductive floor paints and has a 10 year life expectancy. ElectraGuard has the ability to bond to existing concrete and many other types of hard surface flooring (including non compliant anti-static vinyl and even old asbestos laden tile).  ElectraGuard is very popular in new construction, for leased facilities, facilities experiencing concrete vapor emission problems and for all clients expecting to get the most floor for their money. Long and Short? You can pay more but you'll never find a better hard surface ESD Floor!


Please Note: When using this product to meet DoD 4145.26-M the conductivity must hit very specific standards with minimum resistance ranges tailored to the voltage in the facility and maximum levels that are tested in conjunction with your footwear or heel grounders. The insulative properties may be adjusted upwards with an application of ElectraThane (generally one coat). Samples of your dye lot may be sent for testing prior to full scale use - pretesting the conductivity in combination with your footwear is recommended prior to full scale use.


ElectraGuard used in munitions and energetics

Unsealed for Maximum Conductivity

sealed to adjust the minimum resistance

Sealed to Adjust Minimum Resistance

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintA Proven Performer at a realistic cost!

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintReliable, PREDICTABLE and PERMANENT Electrical Conductivity.

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintPerfect for Mission Critical Static Control.

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintNon Sparking and Made in the U.S.A.

resistant to concrete vapor emmisionsOutstanding resistance to concrete vapor emissions.

perfect for new constructionSeamless (when applied over properly prepared substrates).

16 year track recordEighteen Year track record!

ESD Epoxy Flooring is 1/3 the cost of other esd flooring options bulletWear performance that rivals thick set epoxy a fraction of the cost.

ESD Epoxy flooring that is as easy to install as rolling on paint bulletResistant to many common chemicals used in manufacturing.
Seal this material with ElectraGuard High Shine for a diamond like luster and shine bulletEasily sealed to increase minimum conductivity.
esd paint for floors, carts, walls and bench topsAlso for use on walls, carts, ceilings and bench tops.

24/7 tech support provided at no charge with your order of ESD EPOXY FLOORING24/7 live tech support available at no charge with each order. For use over a multitude of substrates. Concrete, VCT, steel, wood, most paints and thick set epoxies. Millions of square feet installed world wide!

Please Note: When placing your order for this material through sales or on our shopping cart please specify ElectraGuard High Velocity for an epoxy that test with an electrical resistance of >25 kΩ and <1 MΩ at our facility and with our recently calibrated test equipment. What you get with your order: We pretest your dye lot on a 6" x 6" 3/16 insulative Eucatex-Eucaboard using an industry compliant megohmmeter and compliant electrodes at 500 VDC. We test Resistance to ground by attaching a ground lead to the sample and placing an industry compliant 2.5 inch 5 pound electrode on top of the sample. We email you the results of this test and retain the sample and a container of the specific dye lot used for a period of 5 years. It is the customer's responsibility to pretest the dye lot on their substrate using their methods prior to full scale deployment.


Download Center




Electrical Grounding

RoHS Compliance Statement

Installation Instructions

Concrete Repair


5 Year Wear Study


SDS for Base     SDS for catalyst     Note: The catalyst is the same for all colors

Please note we are in the process of posting updates of the SDS sheets for ElectraGuard. In some cases an SDS is required for each color. Should you wish a new updated version immediately please contact us with the color you will be using and request the new versions.


SDS Sheet of Base by Color: Medium Gray, Light Gray


Architect's Specifier Sheet

Chemical Resistance

Bond Strength Test Kit

Click HERE for a sample swatch

Click HERE for samples of the material to try on your substrate.

Click HERE for ElectraGuard application tools.

ESD Epoxy that is Made in the U.S.A.



Use brooms, dust mops, damp mops buckets and other cleaning tools dedicated for use on the ESD flooring only. Mark them as "for use in ESD area only." On a daily basis: Sweep the floor using a soft bristle broom to remove large abrasives such as wire clippings, nuts, bolts, etc. The use of a floor magnet to pick up ferrous metal shavings etc. helps avoid scratches. If the flooring is exceedingly dusty sweep it using an oil free sweeping compound that will leave no residue. If the flooring is slightly dusty simply dry dust mop. As needed: Damp mop using a diluted solution of ElectraClean and water. For more aggressive cleaning Auto Scrub the flooring to remove ground in dirt and contaminants. ElectraClean works well with all types of Auto Scrubbers. Use the softest pads available that will get the job done. To remove scuff marks: Spray buff using a high speed polisher equipped with a white or champagne colored pad and ElectraShine.


Coverage: 350 square feet per gallon per coat.


Please click Here for Pricing and Discounts on our shopping cart. If ordered on the shopping cart please specify ElectraGuard High Velocity in the notes section when completing your order.


* When using this product for compliance to DoD 4145-M always pretest its conductivity with the conductive footwear used in your facility prior to full scale application. Typical resistance to ground of the unsealed ElectraGuard coating after an 8 day curing phase is >25kΩ to <1 MΩ, with a typical resistance of under 500 KΩ when tested with the appropriate electrodes and test instruments capable of generating 500 volts and a short circuit current of 2.5mA to 10.0mA.

Nuances of ElectraGuard: ElectraGuard Flooring is a thin set epoxy applied using paint rollers. As such, minor deviations in thickness, texture, color and shading may be present in the coating. Deviations in the concrete profile may shadow through any thin set epoxy or floor paint as will the seams between tiles (if applied to standard VCT). United recommends the use of Titanium esd chair mats in front of the workstation to protect any esd flooring from chair caster damage. ElectraGuard is NOT designed to encapsulate the concrete. Hence, ElectraGuard is not warranted against concrete contaminant bleed through. Other conditions apply - please see the Warranty for full details. Dye Lots may vary. For best results place your order for the entire amount needed for the current project plus possible future expansions. Prior to opening the pails check dye lots and materials against your purchase order. IMPORTANT! United makes every effort to ship the correct product, contact us immediately should you receive the wrong material. United SCP is not responsible for installation of the incorrect material, color or dye lot due to errors in pulling your order. The shelf life of the product is 2 years as long as it is stored in a cool dry climate and in unopened containers. ElectraGuard as applied does not have a shine. It is a low glare matte finish. For a high shine finish, top coat with the ElectraThane and ElectraGlaze.


NEW! Coating Standard tile with the ElectraGuard System


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