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.Heat Welded ESD Flooring

Ultimate Dimensional Stability, Impervious to liquids, Seam FREE Static Control Flooring for Optimum Cleanliness!

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All quality ESD vinyl flooring products may be heat welded. A heat welded esd floor eliminates the dirt, dust and other contaminants from collecting between the flooring's seams. With no place for the contaminants to collect a welded floor that is merely swept looks like a non welded floor that's recently been damp mopped. Titanium Tiles and ESD Sheet Vinyl are specifically manufactured with a proprietary composition that helps the installer provide the highest quality heat welds in the industry.


Heat welded Titanium provides ultimate dimensional stability, cleanliness and ease of maintenance. Titanium heat welded floors are perfect for locations that experience standing or reoccurring liquid spills (or if the flooring will be used as a short term barrier to stop water penetration from broken pipes from seeping thru the concrete slab and damaging equipment on a lower level). As such, Titanium sheet vinyl is the ultimate material for use in multi floor server facilities.  Titanium heat welded esd floors are the preferred solution for clean rooms and are perfect for use in the manufacturing of sophisticated energetics, munitions, explosives, pharmaceuticals AND static sensitive microelectronics.


United recommends that all Titanium ESD Sheet Vinyl Floors be heat welded, Heat welding is optional with Titanium Tiles but provides outstanding benefits.


Image of Heat Welded ESD FloorHeat welding the seams of Titanium esd sheet vinyl (and tiles) eliminates spaces that can harbor dirt and dust.


With no place to hide, contaminants are easy to remove.


A heat welded floor that is merely swept looks like a non heat welded floor that has recently been damp mopped! Larger Photo esd floors, ionizers, anti static mats and wrist straps MORE


Process Overview: To heat weld Titanium a groove is cut where the seams meet. A specialty hot air gun and nozzle are used to heat the welding rod and flooring. The heat weld technician slowly draws the heat weld equipment down the length of the groove filling it with a bead of molten vinyl while melting the adjacent groove that has been placed in the flooring. The bead is  allowed to cool (for about 15 minutes). A specialty knife or vinyl plane is used to rough cut the top of the bead cutting it down to about .010 from the top surface of the flooring. A second finish cut is completed (normally next day) allowing the bead to be cut to the same height as the flooring.


Availability: Titanium heat weld rod is available in spools and in colors designed to compliment the color of the Titanium Flooring.  Titanium heat weld rod is a solid color (it doesn't contain the mottling texture or colors of the flooring).


Container Size: Spools, .167 (4.2 mm) thick X 328 Linear Feet in Length.


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