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Shock STOP Switchboard Matting

Non Conductive Safety Matting for use around high voltage power sources. Outstanding selection AND Pricing, fully Compliant,

Custom cut lengths and full rolls!

FREE SHIPPING on this Electrically INSULATIVE Switchboard Matting for orders over $100.00 going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A. AND Canada! Plus! Order today and receive an Additional 5% off of this material! Details apply

Please Note: Allow up to three weeks for delivery



High Voltage Switchboard matting photo

Shock-STOP Switchboard Matting


Isolation from electrical grounding is imperative in environments where technicians may accidentally come into contact with high voltage power.  Shock Stop switchboard matting, with dielectric resistance rating up to 30,000 volts provides an insulative floor runner material for electrical shock protection. Perfect for those working in and around high voltage electrical equipment.  Each roll of our switchboard matting is tested to insure the consistency of its insulative properties and the safety of the user. 

Shock Stop meets all optional requirements for ozone and oil resistance yet conforms to a variety of Mil Specs while providing outstanding wear performance and longevity.  Available in Corrugated, Smooth Top or Diamond finishes.



Corrugated Non-Conductive Switchboard Matting

Product # 206AS


Corrugated High Voltage Switchboard Matting photoThis corrugated matting is specifically designed to provide the utmost in electrically insulative floor matting. 206's corrugated texture provides even footing and added dielectric stability helping to further isolate the technician from ground. It's easy to clean and resistant to most of the common chemicals used on the job site. 2, 3 and 4 foot widths up to 75 feet long. Custom cut lengths or full rolls. In stock and free shipping over $100*


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Diamond Plate Non-Conductive Switchboard Matting

Product # 208AS


This diamond plate non-conductive switchboard matting meets tough military specifications of 15562-G Type II. It's a pure rubber material highly resistant to ozone, acids, flames and a variety of industrial chemicals used in industry. It's easy to keep clean and imprinted with the Mil Spec on the back side of the material. Available in 3' widths, custom cuts and full rolls, free shipping over $100*


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Smooth Top Non-Conductive Switchboard Matting

Product # 207AS


Our 207AS non-conductive safety matting is specifically designed to provide the utmost in protection from a high voltage event. It's high dielectric strength meets military specification mil-dtl-15562g Type II. 207's smooth top surface cleans easily and is highly resistance to ozone, heat and most common chemicals. Available in 3 foot widths up to 75' long and in either blue or black! Custom cut sizes and full rolls with free shipping over $100*


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