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ESD Floor Finish / ESD Wax for Static Control

Diamond Hard, Brilliant Shine, Permanent Scuff Resistance! Reduces Static Generation on ALL Hard Surface Floors. Perfect for use on ALL ESD Flooring! Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 97.2 (2 very thin coats applied to ESD Conductive Tiles).


United ESD Flooring Option A: ESD Floor Paint

ElectraGlaze provides a protective sacrificial coating to this esd tile floor.


Your existing ESD Floor is something to be proud of. ESD flooring  is a substantial investment chosen to eliminate static and provide a high tech showplace for your Clients. But scuff marks and dirt from the manufacturing environment can dull the value, reduce the performance and become a cumbersome maintenance nightmare. 


Most esd floor manufacturers never recommend a finish, why? They simply don't understand the need.  United SCP (like you and your company) KNOW what these floors do for a living. Want scuff marks? High maintenance cost?  Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Want an ESD floor for the real world, use ElectraGlaze. Remove scuff marks with a finger instead of Scotch Bright!

ElectraGlaze is a unique, highly wear resistant, static control floor finish specifically formulated for use on all ESD conductive vinyl's, non conductive VCT and standard vinyl. Unlike typical static control wax, our new innovative formulation features an incredibly tough, highly abrasion resistant, acrylic blend that actually improves the reduction of tribocharging without significantly altering the electrical resistivity of your esd flooring. With superior chemical and water resistance, excellent bond strength to all surfaces (including non PVC) and the best resistance to abrasions and scuff marks in the industry ElectraGlaze pays for itself by reducing maintenance cost while restoring the appearance of your floor to a better than new condition.

Why wax an esd floor? It's obvious!


Before application of ESD Floor Wax After application of ESD Floor Finish



esd floor finish before and after photosLong lasting, easy to apply!

Reduces maintenance costReduces maintenance cost.

Perfect for ALL Types of ESD FlooringPerfect for sensitive electronics!

Lowers tribogenerationLowers static charge  generation.

Meets UL slip resistanceMeets UL slip resistance standards.

pleasant low odorPleasant low odor.

ZERO VOC'sLow VOC content, meets green standards*

BiodegradeableBiodegradable, environmentally oriented!

esd floor finish before and after photosPerfect for all esd floors.

ROHS CompliantRoHS Compliant and Made in the U.S.A!


Application: ESD floor finish is not applied like standard floor finish, take the time to understand the difference. If the flooring has been previously coated with products other than those supplied by United SCP, is dirty or dingy or has been coated by the flooring manufacturer, strip the floor using ElectraStrip. Follow the directions for dilution and use and double rinse with cool clean water prior to applying ElectraGlaze.


Always use clean containers and non linting finish mops or wax applicators to apply ElectraGlaze. For string style mops soak the mop to remove any impurities and rinse thoroughly. Wring out the mop as dry as possible and dip the mop into the E-Glaze.  Wring out the mop so that it does not drip and apply a thin even coat of E-Glaze to the entire floor. Don't allow the mop to become dried out as streaks in the floor will result. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly.  The drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity generally taking between 2 to 4 hours.  After the first thin coat has dried for at least 2 hours reapply a second very thin coat.  For ESD flooring 2 coats are ideal. For non esd flooring 3 to 6 coats are recommended (see the following note).* High speed polish for ultimate shine using ElectraShine Spray Buff.


Maintenance: Dry dust mop frequently to remove abrasives and dirt that can degrade the performance of the anti-static properties. Remove scuff marks by spray buffing with a clean pad and ElectraShine Spray Buff. Damp mop the floor only as needed using ElectraClean.


*Note: ESD floor finishes (from United or any other Manufacturer) will not reliably render standard flooring conductive enough to meet the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standard. To reliably provide this level of conductivity coat the standard flooring as is shown here.


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SDS Sheet (download)

Data Sheet (pdf file)

Why use an ESD floor finish?


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