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The United ESD Floor Care Program

Outstanding Results - Perfect for All ESD Flooring Materials! Remove scuff marks with a fingertip instead of Scotch Brite!


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Dramatically Reduce Maintenance Cost with the United ESD Floor Care System. Perfect Results Every Time!


Your ESD floor works hard for it's living and deserves THE most trusted ESD floor care system in the nation!


It's the first thing your customers notice when they come to your facility but scuff marks, dirt and a dull dingy floor cast doubts on that clean, high tech appearance AND compromises the floor's ability to control static discharge.


The United SCP Floor Maintenance System: Developed and refined via years of real world experience to provide ultimate longevity, conductivity that meets or exceeds the new ANSI ESD S 20.20-201` standards, cost effective application and ease of use.


STEP ONE: Remove That Old Wax and Ground in Dirt!

ElectraStrip ESD Floor Finish and Grime Remover

ElectraStrip ESD Floor Finish Stripper


ElectraStrip biodegradable low odor esd and non esd wax and dirt remover rapidly dissolves multiple layers of buildup, allowing in some applications for removal without the use of floor machines or stripping pads. Formulated completely from top quality water miscible solvents, ElectraStrip contains less than 1% solids at concentration, so it leaves no alkaline residue to adversely affect subsequent finish applications. Routine stripping of three to five layers of ESD finish may be accomplished with nothing more than a mop and wet vacuum. ElectraStrip is designed for the removal of heavy build-ups of today's urethane fortified, UHS and metal cross linked ESD floor finish. Years of buildup can be quickly and easily removed by light agitation with a scrubbing machine and standard stripping pad. ElectraStrip will even dissolve the almost impossible to remove straight acrylic sealers. Formulated for floor care professionals whose time is at a premium.

Application: Use rubber gloves and eye goggles for protection during mixing and use. Dilute 1 gallon of stripper with 8 gallons of cool water.  Mop a liberal amount of diluted stripping solution onto the floor (one gallon usually covers about 250 square feet) allow to soak for approximately 10 minutes.  Remove the dissolved finish and solution with a wet vacuum and double rinse the area with clean cool water. Make sure no residue remains! For more aggressive removal apply to area using mop and machine scrub using a synthetic stripping pad or a scrubbing brush. Do not allow the floor to become dry of the loosened soil and / or wax will be re-deposited onto the flooring surface. Wet vac the dirty stripping solution and double rinse the entire floor.  Make sure no residue remains!  Rinse water should be changed frequently.  Warning: Highly alkaline cleaner.  Do not take internally. Avoid breathing vapor and prolonged skin contact.  Do not splash in eyes. Observe and follow MSDS sheet precautions. See SDS Sheet


STEP TWO: Glaze that Floor!

ElectraGlaze ESD Floor Finish

Why use our ESD floor Finish on ESD Flooring It's OBVIOUS!

ESD floor finish Icon

ElectraGlaze  With ElectraGlaze scuff marks are easy to remove (no more scouring your floor on your hands and knees with Scotch Brite;). Note: avoid application in high humidity conditions, high humidity tends to make all esd floor finishes develop an oily feel. ElectraGlaze features a proprietary, aqueous co-polymer blend of 22 active ingredients (most other esd finishes a mere 17). Our exclusive formulation provides dramatically superior chemical, water and slip resistance with the best resistance to abrasion and scuff marks in the industry.

Application: ESD floor finish is not applied like standard floor finish, take the time to understand the difference.   Always use clean containers and non linting finish mops to apply ElectraGlaze. Soak the mop to remove any impurities and rinse thoroughly. Wring out the mop as dry as possible and dip the mop into the Glaze.  Wring out the mop so that it does not drip and apply a thin coat of Glaze to the entire floor. Don't allow the mop to become dried out as streaks in the floor will result. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly.  The drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity generally taking between 2 to 4 hours.  After the first thin coat has dried for at least 2 hours reapply a second coat.  For ESD flooring 2 coats are ideal. To eliminate nuisance static on non esd flooring 3 to 5 coats are recommended. Click here to download the SDS sheet 


STEP THREE: Easy, Routine Maintenance

ElectraClean ESD Floor Cleaner

esd floor cleaner icon


After application of ElectraGlaze routine maintenance (to be expected with any floor) is all that is required to maintain the luster and conductivity of the finish.  It's important to remove abrasives that can scratch and degrade the conductivity by dry mopping (usually on a daily basis).  On an occasional basis (most of our clients prefer to do this once a week) wet mop the floor with a diluted mixture of ElectraClean and water and allow to dry. ElectraClean works great with power scrubbing equipment OR in hand mop applications.  ElectraClean removes dirt and abrasives that dry mopping leaves behind and smells great too.  Most cleaners and detergents leave behind harmful insulative residues reducing the conductivity of the ESD floor finish.  Not SO with ElectraClean! AND, a little ElectraClean goes a long way.  Typical dilution is 8 to 16 ounces of ElectraClean mixed with a gallon of water. Note: Do not wash your ElectraGlaze ESD Floor finish for at least 48 hours after application and NEVER wash ElectraGlaze with plain water (always use ElectraClean diluted with water) for damp moping. Click here to download the SDS sheet


STEP FOUR: Mirror Like Shine

ElectraShine ESD Spray Buff

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ElectraShine puts the finishing touch on your esd flooring AND removes most scuff marks! Do not dilute. Using a spray bottle apply a small amount of ElectraShine to the buffing pad and floor (or mop on floor). Work small areas and do not allow the coatings or floor covering to heat up during the buffing operation. Buff dry using a high speed electric or propane powered polishing machine equipped with an Champaign or white colored pad. Proceed to the next section and repeat the procedure. Turn the pad when one side is soiled and wash the pad when necessary to avoid re-depositing soil on the floor. Some heel scuff marks may require further attention. Spray a small amount of the spray buff directly onto the mark and allow to set for a short time to penetrate. Then, buff until dry to remove the mark. If persistent scuff marks remain utilize the restoration method as listed below.

ElectraGlaze may be used without polishing or buffing for increased slip resistance, slightly sacrificing conductivity  and shine.  To increase shine and enhance conductivity, high speed polishing of the final coat is recommended.  If preferred, buffing between coats can also be done to level the finish and further enhance gloss.  When buffing between coats, buffing should always be followed by a dust mopping of the entire floor using a clean dry dust mop.  For highest luster use of a high speed propane polisher is recommended however a high speed, electric floor polishing machine may be used.  For most purposes a champagne or white colored pad works well. Click here to download the SDS sheet.


Many clients receive years worth of service from one application (and routine maintenance) of the United Floor Maintenance System. When severe scuff marks and ground in detritus have begun to take a toll on the gloss and aesthetics (and are no longer removable via polishing) we recommend the following: Forgo stripping the floor!  Use ElectraStrip as a last resort.  In most cases aggressive scuff marks can be removed via auto scrubbing.  Start with a red pad, use plenty of ElectraClean.  If more aggressive scrubbing is required switch to a blue pad (note: may cause a reduction in gloss). When scuff marks have been satisfactorily removed recoat the floor with one to two thin coats of ElectraGlaze (avoid application in high humidity conditions, high humidity tends to make all esd floor finishes develop an oily feel).  Follow with high speed buffing (if desired). Note: Pretest the ElectraGlaze recoat's electrical conductivity prior to full scale usage to insure that the slight increase in resistance does not exceed your internal specifications. If recoating exceeds resistivity limits, high speed polish the pre-cleaned (initial) ElectraGlaze coating using ElectraShine and the process indicated in step 4 (above). If gloss reduction is still evident proceed to total strip and application (step 1-4).

Helpful Hints From our Clients:

  • ALWAYS use new mops, one for the ESD floor wax stripper (ElectraStrip), one for the esd floor cleaner (ElectraClean) and one for the application of the esd wax (ElectraGlaze). Use the proper mops for the specific application.  Example: Non linting rayon loop end finish mops for applying the finish, cotton or synthetic mop heads for cleaning or agitating the stripper.

  • Keep you cleaning tools for your ESD flooring separate from the tools used for other areas and mark them for use ONLY for the ESD Floor.

  • Print this page and post it in the area you store these maintenance chemicals for future reference.

  • To keep those SDS sheets on the containers consider Fed X!  Those free n handy plastic stick on document holders work GREAT! Just place them on the pails, insert the SDS sheets and you're good to go!

Our ESD Floor Care Product are Proudly Made in the U.S.A

Made in the U.S.A!


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