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ElectraGuard NC Epoxy Floor Paint

Made in the U.S.A!We challenge you to find a better hard surface floor for the money! 10 Year life expectancy! Two Part Epoxy Floor Paint at a cost of about $0.60 cents PSF and that's THREE coats and fully sealed!

Note: This product is NOT Recommended for Static Control



ElectraGuard NC Gray in Airport

2 coats of ElectraGuard NC Gray top coated with 1 coat of ElectraGuard NC Clear followed by a coat of ElectraSheen Sapphire II Floor Finish. About 1/2 the cost of VCT yet tough, resilient and long lasting!  Click here to buy online.  

This high performance yet low cost water based 2 part epoxy provides UNMATCHED durability, abrasion resistance and an incredible gloss without the toxicity, disposal considerations and concrete preparation associated with thick set epoxy "poured on" flooring systems.


Same great track record as our TOP SELLING ElectraGuard Static Conductive Floor Paint at about 1/2 the cost!


Maintain the look of your ElectraGuard ESD epoxy area throughout your entire facility OR provide an outstanding hard surface easy to maintain floor. ElectraGuard NC displays a superb resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and solvents commonly found in many industrial and commercial environments. Perfect for use in warehouses, offices, hallways, lunch rooms and more! 10 year life expectancy outperforms standard latex floor paints by 300%! Top coat with ElectraSheen Sapphire II for an Ultimate mirror like gloss! Save Money and use ElectraGuard NC where Static Control Protection isn't required and the static control version where ESD protection is a must! Visit Example.


About 30% less than the cost of standard VCT!


arrow forward iconCrisp Clean High Gloss Appearance!

arrow forward iconProudly Made in the USA!

arrow forward iconEasy to keep clean - LOW maintenance!

arrow forward iconSupports the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment!

arrow forward iconProfessional colors and appearance!

arrow forward iconEasy to install.

arrow forward iconExcellent abrasion resistance and scuff mark removal properties. Easily handles concrete vapor emission levels that would cause vinyl tiles to fail. Perfect for fast track new construction AND existing aged concrete slabs. 0 VOC emissions when cured.


Click HERE to Buy Online


SDS SHEET for Gray

SDS SHEET for Clear 



Gray, Beige and Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

Product PN: EG-NC followed by color (clear, beige or gray)


APPLICATION: New concrete floors should be allowed to cure a minimum of thirty days. Application to floors colder than 600 F is not recommended. Floor surfaces must be free of any release agents, curing compounds, salts or efflorescence before coating. Sweep and then wash with ElectraClean or a good high quality concrete cleaner. Double rinse with clean clear water. Follow this process by etching surface with ElectraEtch or similar then thoroughly rinse with clean cool water and allow the floor to dry.


Concrete Repair: Please click here


If floor has been previously coated, a small area should be cleaned, roughed up by screen disking with an 80 Grit screen. Test this product for adhesion, lifting and compatibility using one of our bond strength test kits. Any areas of the existing coating which display poor adhesion should be removed. Wash the stripped area, acid etch if needed and rinse thoroughly with clean cool water. Allow the floor to dry.


Catalyzed ElectraGuard NC should be used within six hours of mixing, therefore, prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use. Add premeasured catalyst to epoxy base. Stir gently until the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed in. Allow catalyzed ElectraGuard NC to stand for 5 minutes.


Apply catalyzed ElectraGuard NC with a short nap roller in thin, uniform coats. The initial coat will cover approximately 400-500 ft2 per gallon. Allow the initial coat to dry for 5-7 hours, then apply a second coat. Second coat coverage is approximately 500-600 ft2 per gallon.


NOTE: Finished floors may be opened to light traffic, under normal curing conditions, after 12 hours. Complete curing with maximum durability and chemical resistance will take 5-7 days.


NOTE: As applied the pigmented versions of ElectraGuard NC has a nice semi-gloss appearance. The Clear version is a higher gloss. For a diamond like shine top coat with 2 to 3 coats of ElectraSheen Sapphire II and high speed burnish.


Color Medium Gray, Beige and Clear

Solids 32 + 1%

pH 4.0 - 5.0

Weight Per Gallon 8.5

Hardness 30 (Sward)

Viscosity 400 - 800 CPS

Solvents Water-glycol

Flash Point > 200oF

Freeze/Thaw Stability Do Not Freeze

Dry Time Dry to touch 5-7 hours

Open for traffic 10-12 hours

Water Resistance 72 hours - No effect (not recommended for standing water)

Chemical Resistance

Slip Resistance (ASTM F 609) >.5 SCOF

Coverage 400 - 600 ft2 per gallon

Odor Moderate (Glycol Ether, Alcohol)

VOC <450 grams/liter, Health 1, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0. Personal Protection B


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