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ESD Control Concrete Sealer

INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT: Not an ESD Floor Wax or an ESD Floor Finish. ElectraSeal is Economical, Long Life & Easy to Maintain. ElectraSeal has a very low VOC Content that meets the new Green Building Standards and all California State and Local Regulations. Made in the U.S.A! PERFECT for use on concrete filled raised access panels and all types of cast-in-place concrete flooring slabs. Safe for use around energized equipment.

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ElectraSeal ESD Concrete Sealer

ESD concrete sealer over raised access flooring

ElectraSeal is perfect for use on concrete filled raised access panels and cast in place concrete flooring slabs.


Todayís microcircuits have reached an unprecedented level of sophistication. Static control flooring helps insure the longevity, performance and integrity of mission critical electronics by reducing the triboelectrification of personnel and the subsequent discharge of this static to ESD sensitive electronics and their components.

Yet does it make sense to pay $7.00 to 10.00 per installed square foot for esd tiles, thick set esd epoxy or an anti-static rubber floor?  Most think NOT!

Static control is no longer an option. Itís a necessity.

ElectraSeal works with the concretes existing static conductivity to smooth and eliminate the fluctuations that may swing dramatically with the ambient humidity and moisture content of the slab.

In addition, unsealed concrete is dusty, absorbs contaminants such as oils and liquids and ends up being a time consuming maintenance nightmare! ElectraSeal seals concrete and will provide an easy to clean highly effective static control surface that helps to meet today's latest static control requirements and eliminate concrete dusting for less than $.20 cents per square foot in material cost.

arrow forward iconStatic Control Performance yet SAFE for use around energized equipment.

arrow forward iconEliminates nuisance static discharges without heel grounders.

arrow forward iconEliminates concrete dusting.

arrow forward iconCompliant for use in many electronic manufacturing environments.

arrow forward iconExcellent for use with sophisticated mission critical servers.

arrow forward iconClean, high tech glossy appearance.

arrow forward iconEconomical, durable and long lasting.

arrow forward iconLOW Odor, LOW VOC's (<55) test results Meets new green building standards and all California VOC and indoor air quality standards. ElectraSeal works best on unsealed concrete but will bond to a variety of sealed and unsealed concrete (pretesting is always recommended).


Application is Fast Easy and Low to No Odor.

ElectraSeal at GE Best results are obtained when ElectraSeal is applied to cured concrete slabs which are 60 Deg F. or warmer and in relative humidity conditions of < 50%.

Remove nuisance dust by sweeping with a soft bristle broom. A sweeping compound that does not contain oil may be used if needed.

Thoroughly vacuum the slab to remove any remaining loose dirt or dust.  If contaminants such as oil and grease have soaked into the slab damp mop or auto scrub with ElectraClean and cool clean water. Allow the slab to dry completely prior to application of ElectraSeal. Install one ground strip (included at no charge with your order) for every 2,500 square feet of flooring. Please click here for grounding instruction.

Two to three coats of ElectraSeal will provide the optimum gloss and durability. Apply thin even coats using new loop end rayon or other non linting finish mops, allowing ElectraSeal to dry, (depending on humidity and temperature) for approximately 60 minutes between coats. The typical life span of this product is approximately 3 years. ElectraSeal may be effectively recoated without removal.


Easy to Maintain, Handles ANY type of Traffic.

ElectraSeal is an extremely durable Anti Static concrete sealer. After application and curing of ElectraSeal routine maintenance (to be expected with any floor) helps maintain the luster of the finish.  It's important to remove abrasives that can scratch and degrade the conductivity by dry dust mopping (usually on a daily basis).  On an occasional basis (most of our clients prefer to do this once every week or two) damp mop the floor with a diluted mixture of ElectraClean and water and allow to dry. Note: Use only ElectraClean to damp mop your ElectraSeal floor. NEVER wash any esd floor with plain water. Click Here for Maintenance Instructions.


esd floors for stained concrete

NEW: ElectraSeal works well with most concrete stains! Allow 3 days for the stain to fully cure. Rinse residues as needed with clean clear water and allow to dry prior to application of ElectraSeal. Always pretest prior to full scale application. Alternate Photo, ElectraSeal Over Heavily Stained Concrete


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1 Gallon, Part Number E-Seal-1

Price: $129.00

Shipping Weight: 10 Lbs.


1 Case (4 each one gallon containers), Part Number E-Seal-4

Price: $434.50

Shipping Weight: 40 Lbs.


5 Gallon Container, Part Number E-Seal-5

Price: $528.97

Shipping Weight: 50 Lbs.



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