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Unique Static Control Pickup Protects High End Audio Systems, Gaming Consoles and DJ Equipment from damage by user induced electrostatic discharge!


Static Control Protection for High End Audio and Quality Sound Systems

Award Winning Precision Quality Sound from Linn Audio!


Today's audio systems and DJ Equipment have achieved an unprecedented level of electronic sophistication. Utilizing unprecedented advancements in micro-circuitry to control, amplify, digitize and more. This new generation of technology is so advanced that the systems are manufactured in extremely sophisticated static control environments compliant with the latest ANSI ESD Standards.


In Short - They take static control SERIOUSLY!


Still, the unpredictability of electrostatic discharges in the home, studio or nightclub environments send shivers down the spines of some of the finest audio engineers in the world!


A person walks across the carpet to load media, control the system via the touch screen or laptop and in doing so has generated a charge of an easy 4,000 volts PLUS. Sounds like a lot (and it is) but at 4,000 volts a person won't FEEL the discharge that goes into the grounded equipment in milliseconds! ZAP, the system malfunctions and possibly fries a gateway in an esd sensitive component crispier than a chicken at Grandmas House on the 4th of July!!


Eliminate the User Induced Static Charge before it Eliminates Your System!


Anti-static mat for home entertainment systems

A DJ rolls across a chair mat and touches a digitizer and ZAP it's time for another expensive piece of equipment. Our documented examples abound, user induced static discharges manifest themselves in programming glitches, annoying crackles (especially at higher volumes) and catastrophic (permanent) or latent (occasional) damage to sophisticated electronics.


Look closely! The VersaStat (positioned on the carpet to the right of the Linn Audio Console) is draining the static charge from the carpeting on an ongoing continual basis - this area is static free! An $87,000 piece of equipment and a Consumer Electronics Show Award Winner is protected from the damaging effects of Electrostatic Discharge!


Google gives us a 5 Star Rating for this Item! See the shopping cart for details!


 electrostat protectionEasy installation requires no tools or batteries.

 electrostat protectionAutomatic electrostatic elimination.

 electrostat protectionDrains the charge from a 20' x 20' carpeted area!

 electrostat protectionEconomical, designed to last a lifetime and LOW profile for a reduced tripping hazard. OUTSTANDING protection from the devastating effects of static discharge and ONLY available from United Static Control Products Inc!


A full 1 foot x 2 foot antistatic pickup

PERFECT for Sophisticated Audio and Digital Equipment for DJ's

Now just $59.95 each!

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New! NOW easier to ground. Simply plug the unit in to any grounded 3 prong outlet. Totally safe - the ground wire of the VersaStat makes contact with the ground of the outlet. NO power is transferred to the VersaStat. The unit does not require batteries nor electrical power to function.


electricaly conductive spray for use with the VersaStatDesigned to work in concert with a very light application of either UltraSpray (for use with hard surfaces such as chair mats) OR ElectraSolve (for use with carpeting). One light application of our spray last about 2 months, Included at no charge with the unit!


Peel and stick conductive adhesive backing, leaves no residue icon

Unique peel and stick conductive adhesive backing designed attaches the static pickup to carpet, chair mats, marble, concrete, wood and ALL hard surface  flooring.


Unique static indicator shows how easy it is to create static!

Optional Static Indicator: Our unique InteliStat "seeing is believing" static collection / display unit. Simply tapping your foot generates enough static to fire the indicator! SHOWS how easy it is to create static and that the charge has been effectively neutralized by your VersaStat!  Awesome technology and only from United Static Control Products!

Static Pickup Now Available in Four Designer Colors!

light gray versastat static control pickup material bullet

Light Gray

dark gray static control pickup material icon

Dark Gray

medium blue static control pickup material icon


clean white static control pickup color option bullet



The VersaStat is so powerful it can drain the static charge from carpet, so versatile it's perfect for  protecting copy machines, printers and touch screens from the devastating effects of uncontrolled electrostatic discharge.  Perfect for use on plastic chair mats or any hard or soft floor covering system.


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